3 Tips For Driving High-Quality Traffic To Your Network Marketing Blog Site

Silence from your time and money is not good!

Silence from your time and money is not good!

You’ve spent time and money building your network marketing blog site, only to hear silence when your site goes live. This is a frustrating reality for many new network marketers, and one that can be difficult to recover from.

Such a reality, though, can easily be overcome by using the right traffic-driving tactics. These tactics, when used correctly, can bring high-quality traffic (customers and leads) to your blog site. This should be the number one goal for all network marketers…Getting High-Quality Targeted Traffic.

Without quality traffic getting leads for your business will not allow you to grow.

In this article, I’ll discuss the importance of high-quality site traffic. I’ll then introduce you to 3 traffic-driving techniques I have been using very successfully and that you can begin to incorporate in your network marketing business today.

Why High-Quality Traffic Is Important for Your Network Marketing Blog Site

In the framework of network marketing, high-quality traffic is that which helps you to meet your business goals. If traffic converts or turns into sales, then it’s quality. If the traffic doesn’t convert, then you have some tweaking to do.

As a business, bringing high-quality traffic to your site or blog is much more important than driving non-targeted readers. This is because while traffic numbers may be lower, your conversion rates and overall sales or leads will be higher.

Or look at it this way:  Which would your rater have…100 non-qualified leads or 25 good quality leads looking for what you have to offer?

Of course you want quality leads who are ready to buy.

In addition, high-quality traffic will do good things for your site’s search engine rankings. Targeted readers are more likely to share your site’s content, increasing backlinks to your Blog.

Define your Ideal Targeted Audience

Define your Ideal Targeted Audience

One last point to make here is to define your Targeted Audience. If you don’t know whom you are marketing to how do you know what type of marketing will attract your Targeted Audience.

Before your do anything else, Define Your Targeted Audience. Who is your ideal customer or lead? By knowing your targeted audience your direction and goals in building a successful network marketing business in now within your grasp.

Example: Let’s say you have a network marketing business that is in the Weight Loss industry. Your targeted audience is then people who want to loose weight or to become healthier by loosing weight.

In this example, if you try to marketing to a “mass audience” you will end up marketing to know one.

Narrow your blog content to only Weight Loss discussions and target your audience to those who are looking to loose weight and no one else.

3 Tips For Driving High-Quality Traffic To Your Network Marketing Blog Site

Let’s take a look at 3 ways you can drive high quality traffic to your blog. As a network marketer you already know the value of quality traffic to get leads for your business.

The 3 Tips For Driving High-Quality Traffic To Your Blog Site are:

  1. Offer Quality Content
  2. Get Active On Social Media
  3. Optimize Your Links
  1. Offer Quality Content.  You want the content on your site to be thought-provoking, informative, helpful, up-to-date, knowledge and actionable. In fact, that’s the very definition of valuable content.

High-value content is important if you want to drive traffic. Good content will be shared, get discussed, and boost search engine rankings as a result.

Also look at your site as a valuable resource to other network marketers.

The more they come back for tips, advice, suggestion the better you become as the Go-To-Person and viewed as a leader.

Take these 3 steps to ensure you create high-value content every time:

  1. Answer questions that your target audience is askingWith the help of search engine results and social media searches, you can find the questions that are most plaguing your audience.
  2. Incorporate actionable steps. Provide your reader with a next step, enabling them to take action immediately.
  3. Use data and real-life examples. Give readers a glimpse of reality to really drive the point home.
  4. Story Telling. People love to hear stories. As far back as time, stories captivates, teaches and informs. Tell stories of success. How your or someone you know went from “here to there” and now lives a life of their dreams. Explain how they did it.

The process of creating high-quality and valuable content that attracts your target audience is often overcomplicated. In reality, all you need to do is consider what your reader wants, and then deliver it for them.

  1. Get Active On Social Media.  Social media is a powerful source of highly-quality and targeted traffic. After all, in one sense, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are search engines in disguise.

There’s much to be said regarding social media as a traffic source.

Here’s just a few tips:

  1. Limit yourself.  Rather than targeting every single social media network out there, limit yourself to a maximum of two.  Become good at that media so that you are comfortable in using it and helping others as an “expert.” Focusing your efforts to One or Two social media networks will better ensure positive results.
  2. Pick the right platform(s) for your industry.  When deciding on a platform (or platforms) for your niche, keep in mind that each targets a different demographic and choose accordingly.
  3. Stick to a consistent posting schedule.  This will keep you accountable, as well as help you to grow a steady following.
  4. Experiment and measure results.  With experimentation, you can find the right schedule and style for your audience so you can improve upon your social media strategy.

Of course, the most important rule to follow when using social media is to stay consistent. This means continuing to post, engage, and take part, even if results aren’t coming as quickly as you’d like.

  1. Optimize Your Site’s Links.  As a network marketer using the Internet, you know how important links are to your business. In short, optimizing your links can help to boost their effectiveness.

Link optimization includes the cloaking and shortening of links. This enables you to ‘brand’ your links, as well as make them easy to remember and share on social media.

Fortunately, there are plugins, such as Pretty Link Pro, that enable you to perform this function from within WordPress.

Those are the 3 Tips For Driving High-Quality Traffic To Your Network Marketing Blog Site.

As a side note: Consistency is important.

I have seen many network marketers start out with great intentions only to loose consistency. Consistency Is Important. Successful network marketers who market via their blog site will post a new article several time a week.

Also, too many network marketers who market via their blog site are not producing valuable content. I’ve seen many network marketers produce a blog post for the sake of posting. With no valuable content readers will soon disappear and the blog site will die.


The quality (or lack thereof) of your site’s traffic can make or break your network marketing business. But, as frustrating as it can be to attract high-quality traffic, there are a number of techniques you can use to improve results and bring in targeted leads.

In this article, I outlined 3 ways to drive high-quality, targeted traffic to your site.

  1. Offer quality content.
  2. Get active on social media.
  3. Optimize your site’s links.

Are these the only way of getting leads and customers?  Of course not.

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Here’s to your network marketing success,

Bill Fletcher







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