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How To Get More People To Say Yes

When I was a wet behind the ears rookie in sales, and struggled badly getting people to say YES, I knew I was missing something.  I wanted to know how to get more people to say yes to what I had to offer.  I had a good product, good company and a good comp plan…so why can’t I get more people to say yes?

What was I missing that others were successful in?

What was I missing that others were successful in?

What was it that others had that I didn’t?  Why could someone meet their goals or even go over when I was struggling just to meet the minimums?

And I thought it was some ‘magic’ closing technique, which others who were getting great results must have been using.

They had a “secret” to get the yes answer and I want to know it!

After some time of butting heads with my prospects, and finally realizing I need to get some real training, here’s what I discovered…

There is a way to get more people saying YES to you… but… it’s NOT some ‘magic’ closing phrase.

The secret, if you wanna call it that, is creating a ‘Yes momentum’ in your sales process.

In other words…How To Get More People To Say Yes.

Getting people to take baby steps with small commitments and agreements, before asking for the big YES… which is buying your product or join your network marketing business.

Your sales process online is no different.

People usually don’t go from clicking on an ad, to buying your product (BIG YES) in one fell swoop.

And to help you bridge the gap, you need a killer lead magnet. One that’ll get people to nod their head and say “Yes, I want this”, without making a major commitment yet.

With a good lead magnet…You can build a list of rabid email subscribers… by getting people who are truly interested in what you have to raise their hand.

You can quickly create credibility and trust with them. And you can start building that YES momentum from the get-go.


Your entire sales process starts with a lead magnet that turns a click from an ad, into a high-quality prospect.

Wanna know how to put one together?

Using our 7-step process, you’ll be able to quickly crank out lead magnets that will help you turn more of your website traffic into ready-to-buy leads.

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So years ago I heard this statement…

“People don’t join your company and they don’t buy into ‘systems’… they join YOU.”

And I found this to be 100% true.

Since we’re driven by emotion, we want to connect with people, and not a brochure, a fancy website, a compensation plan, or a system.



And that’s where many people drop the ball…They sell the company, the leadership team, the comp plan, the product and MISS the most important part of the presentation.  But instead start “pushing and pushing product and how great they are and pushing on the company and how get it is.”

They tend to drive people away, with a “Oh No Here She/He Is Again!”  “All I want is someone to believe in!”

What they are missing is “Selling people on THEM.”  They talk about every thing else but about THEM and how they are the leader and they are going to build this network marketing business.

No wonder so many have a hard time with recruiting into their network marketing business.

So then how do you sell yourself?  First let me tell you how NOT to do it.

You don’t do it by telling everyone that your company is the greatest thing since sliced bread, because YOU say so.

You don’t try to convince others that your products are the very best out there, because YOU tried them.

And you definitely don’t do it by showing pictures of one of your up-line’s mansions, boats and airplanes as “proof” that your business works.

By the way, I’ve done all that myself at one time, so I’m as guilty as anyone.

The way you do it is by positioning yourself as a leader and an authority in the market.

In other words…

You brand yourself.

Not the company, the products or the comp plan.  All that is fantastic and usable at sometime but not at the beginning.

But remember, people don’t really buy all that stuff it looks great but do they trust YOU?  What they buy is YOUR leadership.

YOUR conviction, and YOUR credibility.

By branding yourself, you automatically gain the position of authority.  And people start flocking to you like a crowd of teenage girls packing out a Justin Bieber concert.

Inside Attraction Marketing Formula, you’re going to discover exactly how to do that.

In fact…

There’s an entire chapter on how to brand yourself and your business… and get a large number of people to hang on to your every word.

Want to experience that kind of “celebrity effect” in your business?

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