MLM Made Easy!

I Can Do This

I Can Do This

Let’s start by looking at a few ideals on how MLM Made Easy really is.

  • MLM is easy and MLM is hard.
  • Knowing how to build a successful MLM business will take time, investment, skills you may not have yet.
  • MLM or Network Marketing is a great way to make money either part-time or full-time.
  • Some necessary skills needs to be identified.
  • To some people, multilevel marketing or network marketing represents a fascinating new opportunity.
  • For others, it pays the bills, offer financial security, ability to grow personally and professionally.
  • Still others, Network Marketing or MLM allow them to quit their job and become a business entrepreneur.


An excellent method of moving forward in your multilevel marketing business is to learn from your mistakes. You will make mistakes, plan on it.  However, with every mistake comes the ability to LEARN.

In my personal MLM Business, I have never made a mistake…I have made a learning experience.

Know where you are lacking and work on understanding it. Learning from failures, both your own and those of others, helps you to avoid the same mistakes and to focus on the strategies that do work.

A good strategy here, is use a Mentor that will help you avoid the mistake many of us experience when starting or growing a Network Marketing business.

Social Networks

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a host of others are a great starting point for network marketing. You can even devote your energy to an active and compelling blog.

Establishing an identity on social media websites can also be a boon to your marketing efforts. Participating in online communities is another way you can look for opportunities to grow your network. An interesting blog with plenty of readers is also worth developing.

When establishing a blog, some people will over do it.  For instance, I was told earlier in my MLM career that I should produce a blog a day or at a minimum every other day.  It wasn’t until I met a world top class blogger that this was wrong.  What I was instructed to do was to produce one good blog a week.

A good blog with quality content is much better than many blog with “Stuff.”

Here are a couple articles on Blogging:

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Be An Expert On Your Product or Services

You want customers to see how passionate you are about what you are selling.

If you display confidence in your product, you will be more likely to attract new customers and new prospects. Having an understanding about the product will allow you to be more honest in your reviews, and your potential customers will appreciate you for it.

Real story:

I met a lady several years ago doing a demonstration on several of her products.  This was at a trade show.  When asked about health benefits, she sited all kinds of medical claims.  WRONG.

This can get you in trouble.  It became very obvious, she did not know her product and covered it up with medical claims.

Know your product or service without using claims you can not substitute.

Know Your Customers Or Prospects Needs

Reading Your Prospects Mind For Better Results In Your MLM Business

Reading Your Prospects Mind For Better Results In Your MLM Business

Encourage the people in your network to not to control the conversation.  But instead ask questions and Listen to what your customers or Prospects needs.

By listening, you have the advantage to offer solutions to their most important needs.  Be A Good Listener.

Your promotions will be more successful when you use what you learn about your contacts. Take advantage of the information you can glean from social media outlets. You then know about their wants and needs, as well as their dreams and fears, and can directly talk to them.


Any business wether large or small need to establish a budget.

Establish a budget for your marketing campaign and stick with it.  As you make a sale or see some income for your business, set some money aside to invest back into your business. Remember that having a skimpy budget is not the way to make profits.

One of the pitfalls with many home based business is trying to do it all for FREE.  Free is very expensive.

Real Story

A good friend was trying to build his home based MLM business by doing it all for Free.  After many months of work, he was no further in either finding customers or recruiting new prospects.  After establishing an advertising budget, his business began to expand.  Today, he has a successful network marketing business.  He told me later, that his most expense was FREE.  He lost months in establishing his business.

Find A Mentor

Find a mentor to help you develop your Skills

Find a mentor to help you develop your Skills

A great way to start out in multilevel marketing or if your struggling in your business, is to find a mentor and mimic what they do.

Analyze what successful people in your up-line.  And the best performers in your organization have been doing. Use their techniques to develop strategies that will work for your business.

By copying these successful people, you will gain the skills necessary to building a successful MLM business.

There are also many third party mentors.  Highly successful network marketers who will help and advise.  There are also programs with mentors and “team members” that are willing to step in and help.

By joining these program, you will cut down your time, struggles and efforts in growing your business.


There are many types of media, including social connections, that you can use to market your products and services.

Remember. trying to it all for FREE can be very costly.  Invest in yourself and your business.

A mentor will be the best investment you will ever have.  Finding one is easy.

There are always going to be people coming on the Internet looking for new product or idea.  Using the Internet for your MLM business is a smart move in locating new leads for either a customer or recruiting new prospects.

You can create a marketing empire just by simply staying with it and learning the skills to be a better marketer.

To your success,

Bill Fletcher







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