Network Marketing Is Too Difficult?

Are You Thinking “Network Marketing Is Too Difficult”

Let me begin by saying that, “Network Marketing can be difficult.”  In fact it can be too difficult for many.  And that can be a good thing.

You see if everyone was in Network Marketing where would you have customers?  Where will you have new prospects.

Let’s celebrate that Network Marketing can be difficult.

However, I also find that Network Marketing is actually fun.  The rewards can be great.  And where can you find so many positive people in one industry?

Here’s one other issue….it’s difficult for a reason.  That reason is that only the positive, committed, dreamers and builders will continue, while the ‘toe dippers’ will quit.

If you believe in your abilities, how much you want it, focus…your success will be determined by how you approach Network Marketing.

There’s two levels to market your business…1) The Traditional Way and 2) The New Modern Way.

We’ll examine both.

The Traditional Way

You just signed up with a Network Marketing Company and your excited with your new business future.

Your sponsor is sitting with you and he/she will tell you to market your business like this…

The sponsor hands you a pice of paper or in some cases a formatted grid sheet and says, “Make a list of 100 or more people you know.”  “Contact each one and ask them to attend an informal get-together you’re planning.”  If they are a good sponsor, they will help you contact some people on your list for training and attend your first get-together.

Your Sponsor Will Tell You To Pitch Your Product and Business Opportunity

At the meeting, your sponsor will tell you to, “Pitch your products and show them a great business opportunity where they can make some good part-time income.  Then ask them to become customers and business associates.”

I can remember my first meeting.  I invited 10 couples…only 1 person came.  He was my best friend.  My sponsor called it a “Training Meeting.”

That’s the basic training we all get when we become network marketers….Traditional Marketing.

For a few people, this traditional method was successful. Some make a great income and others become leaders in this industry.

However, for most people this basic approach was less successful.

Personally, my meetings were not well attended.   I did manage to get a few people on my products, mainly my family and a few friends.  And I managed to sign up a few people in my business.

But I soon found that most of my sign-ups eventually quit or did nothing.  In fact, if I signed-up 10 people, 1 stayed with me, 2 continued to purchase product, 7 quit or disappeared.

The Traditional Way of marketing my business opportunity was just too difficult.

Did I hit a common thread here?

Probably, but you are not the cause of your frustrations.

Your Not the cause of your frustration!

Your problem is the basic traditional training.

Make a list and contact-friends-and-family method does not allow you to reach enough people quickly enough to become successful as a network marketer.

And what happens when you run through your LIST?

If your like me you stop and think…

I could quit. Network marketing is just too difficult and I should give it up.

Or maybe I should battle through it. Continue holding meetings.  Ask my up-line for help.  Wear a silly button.  Attack waiter, people in the mall, place stickers on windshields, hand out brochures maybe tell everyone everywhere I go about my great products and business opportunity.  In other words, pitch to anyone who is within three feet of me.

The New Modern Way

Pitching your business opportunity to friends and family or anyone around you just does not work today!

The modern way of marketing your business is to be Better Trained.

After all a boxer doesn’t walk into the rink and start boxing.  He trains for years from a coach or trainer.

You can find Better Training for your Network Marketing Business!

All you do is find a proven method that allows you to efficiently contact hundreds of people every day without the need to work harder.

Your time is valuable so use it wisely.

The Modern Marketing method for the successful Network Marketers is “Attraction Marketing.”

Now if your really serious in developing your business opportunity get the Attraction Marketing Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is a no-fluff introduction to Attraction Marketing written by one of the top network marketers in the industry.  The Bootcamp has started many successful people in developing their business.

While the Bootcamp won’t guarantee your success, it will develop a strong foundation that will guarantee the level of success you want.

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By Now Your Saying…The Boot Camp sounds like a lot of work.

Anything that guarantees success requires work.

But the author broke the Bootcamp down in 15-20 minutes per day over a ten day period.

The Bootcamp will introduce you to methods that will change your business and your life. He’ll even show you how to work smarter, not harder.

Here’s a sample…

Day 1 – Shotgun vs Sniper

  • Everyone is not your prospect
  • Social Media allows you to focus on your hottest prospects
  • Attraction Marketing Formula teaches you to attract those prospects to you

Day 2 – Homeless on the internet

  • Learn about using Social Media to attract customers
  • See how a Blog site works with Social Media and how easy it is to set up
  • Discover auto-responders and how they automate your email efforts

Day 3 – Using Facebook to build your future

  • Find others who share your passion
  • Set up shop with a Facebook Fanpage
  • Use Facebook Insights to target the specific people you want as customers
  • Learn Facebook’s marketing rules and techniques

Day 4-10 Advancing Your Business

Attraction Marketing Formula Boot Camp is your answer to building your Network Marketing Business.  Remember… it takes only 15-20 minutes each day to get started.

Begin your success today. Click HERE to gain immediate access, and did I say there is “no-cost.”

Here’s to your success,









PS: If your Up-line has not given you a step-by-step blue print for success, check this out (unless you already have too many leads). Click HERE for instant access.

About The Author

Bill Fletcher

Bill Fletcher is a network marketing professional and MLM Business Coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a network marketing business through a systematic approach to success. Planning-4-Success will guide you with the help of some of the best coaching program available anywhere. We train you with the best professional in all categories of business building and success management.