What Is A Customer Avatar?

A Customer Avatar is simply a detailed profile of your target audience.

Create Your Ideal Prospect Character

Create Your Ideal Prospect Character

Imagine that you’re a writing a screenplay for a movie and you need to create the main character.

You would give that character…such as my Avatar

  • a name  (Jenny)
  • an age  (35)
  • specific interests  (Network Marketing income to get a larger home, travel and quit working)
  • a specific job with a specific amount of time commuting to and from work (Nurse for a larger Insurance Company.  She travels to the Insurance Company’s customers)
  • a spouse  (Steve)
  • kids  (Myra is 10 and Brice is 8)
  • Wants to travel with the family (Costa Rica)
  • a little introverted  (want to break out)
  • etc.

It’s very likely that you’d take actual characteristics from different people you know and weave them into the characteristics of your new character.

Now you have your screenplay and your character.  It’s now time to put your character in action.

The same idea applies to creating your Ideal Prospect Avatar.

If you want to create a well defined Prospect Avatar you must give that person specific attributes.

For example, your prospect avatar is an individual with a specific…

  • Name
  • Age
  • Hair color
  • Color of eyes
  • Married?
  • Number of children (if they have children)
  • What do they do as a career?
  • Where do they live?
  • What’s troubling them or what keeps them up at night?
  • What do they read?
  • Do they have a hobby?
  • Do they have goals and what are they?
  • Demographics and characteristics that make them who they are

Again, my Avatar (Jenny) is a real person in my mind.  I know Jenny and Steve as I do my family.  I know them so well that I could send them a Christmas Card.

You might use certain aspects of your own situation or people you know to round out your Avatar’s profile.

I know of many successful Network Marketers that use certain aspects of their former self to help create their Avatar.

If your in Network Marketing, what was life like for you BEFORE you started using your product?  How did the products help you?   What was your life before you got involved with your Network Marketing Business opportunity.

By all means, feel free to leverage your own situation and the “pains” or challenges that you’ve dealt with to help create the details of your own Idea Prospect Avatar.

Finally, one critical element of your Prospect Avatar is that they must have “pain” that is associated with the solution that your offer provides.  Either a product or a way to help with the “pain.”

If you leave the pain out of your Prospect Avatar’s description then you won’t be able to speak to your avatar effectively when promoting your product offer or business solution.

Here is snippet of my Avatar:

My Avatar is Jenny

              My Avatar is Jenny

(Jenny is 35 with two children 8 and 10.  Jenny has been in Network Marketing for 16 months with little success.  Her husband, Steve supports her but takes no part in her business.  Jenny is struggling to find good prospects and when she does the prospect soon quits.  Jenny is looking for a way to stop her struggles or she will soon quit.  Her frustration is causing her stress…….)

Your product or service must provide a solution to a specific problem.

Additionally, your content and marketing needs to uncover and amplify that specific “pain”.  (Jenny is struggling)  I have a solution to stop her struggles and find good prospects for her Network Marketing Business.

So it only makes sense that when creating your Customer Avatar he/she must suffer from the “pain” that your product or business solution promises to fix.

How Did I Define My Customer Avatar?

If you want hone in on your target audience and make them feel like you’re speaking directly to them, you must define your Prospect Avatar’s characteristics with great detail and precision.

Remember this:

  • If you try to attract everyone you’ll end up attracting nobody
  • If you try to speak to everybody you’ll end up speaking to nobody

Your Ideal Prospect Avatar allows you to hone your marketing message so it appeals to a “specific someone rather than a “generic everyone”.

A well defined Avatar allows you to connect on an emotional level with your target audience.

However, in order to connect on an emotional level with your prospect, you’ll need to get to the bottom of their irrational fears and deepest desires.

And in order to do that, you’ll need to ask yourself the following 12 questions.

12 Questions To Define Your Customer Avatar

In order to properly define your Customer Avatar you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where does my avatar hang out?
  2. What websites do they go to?
  3. What do they read?
  4. What do they watch on tv?
  5. What do they do in their free time?
  6. What are their goals?
  7. Who are their heroes?
  8. Who are their enemies?
  9. Who do they want to please?
  10. Who are they responsible for?
  11. Who might they let down or fail?
  12. What keeps them up at night?

But here’s the deal… don’t stop with just thinking about these questions.

Actually write out the answers and keep them handy.

My Customer Avatar “Jenny” is in a notebook by my computer.  I can reference my avatar easily and whenever I need some inspiration.

Customer Avatar

Your Avatar dictates your prospect targeting.

Therefore, you should think long and hard about your avatar and understand that this is not something to be taken lightly.

In fact, your Avatar is who you’re writing to.… or you’re creating a piece of content to post on your blog or Facebook Fan page this is the person you are attracting.

When I created my avatar Jenny, it took me several rewrites and 2 weeks.  Every time I create a Facebook ad or blog content, I visualize Jenny and write to her.

Again, if you try to speak to everybody, you’ll end up speaking to nobody.

So write as if you’re talking specifically to your Avatar rather than a large target market.

My Final Thoughts On Your Ideal Prospect Avatar

So in conclusion, one of the main concepts you should be thinking about is…

“What is the motivation of my Avatar?”

From a content creation standpoint, you need to have more focused content derived around your Customer Avatar’s needs, desires, and motivation.

Then from time to time you should take a mental audit and ask yourself…

  1. Is my prospect avatar defined well enough?
  2. Is my content specific enough based on the pains of my Avatar?

Remember: the avatar dictates the messaging…

… and once you have your Ideal Prospect Avatar defined –  you’re 80% of the way there with your marketing.

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