Affiliate Marketing Plan Of Action

“If you don’t know where you are going, ANY road will take you there…”

“If you don’t know where you are going, ANY road will take you there…”

When I first made the decision to figure out how to make money on the Internet I must has spend $5,000 or more over a period of 2-3-4 years buying into EVERY new one-click wonder program that promised an EASY way to raking in the big bucks.

Of course non of those EASY programs worked but I did learn a lot during those wanderings.

And that period of my “wanderings” in hindsight, is exactly what I was doing. I was SEARCHING for my place online… I was SEARCHING for a way to make money I was comfortable with… so I was wandering around the banquet table of learning… and found nothing but promises.

My home based business was going nowhere.

  • I had no plan of action.
  • No vision of where I was going
  • I was often distracted
  • Overwhelmed and frustrated

NO plans… So I had NO results.

Now I know better.  I found how to make a plan…how to end frustration…how to become a home business owner.

Internet Marketing 2Now I start each new year with a PLAN OF ACTION to take our business and finances to the next level and for me and my family… that means striving to make Online Marketing successful and help others hit their financial goals as well.

I started working with a Online Marketing and Coaching System that can almost guarantee success if you will just take the time to follow a systemic approach to achieving your financial goals.  This has greatly improved our Network Marketing Business and give us the momentum to build a powerful Affiliate Business.  Now you can use the same system as we did but with a new focus.

BECAUSE most of my Network Marketing and Affiliate income depends on helping people just like YOU make money and helping YOU achieve your dreams and goals.

So take a close look and JOIN ME  with Elite Marketing Pro to make this year a memorable year and one in which you will look back and say that this was the year that opened a whole new and exciting life.

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

The platform was launched in 2013 by Tim Erway who has been a successful Internet marketer for over 10 years.

My first impression with this platform was that I was looking at another multi level marketing program similar to the Empower Network. However I’m pretty sure this is not an mlm program at all, it is a high ticket/ tiered affiliate marketing system.

This platform does cater to people looking to build a Network Marketing downline or MLM business through various lead generation strategies.

If you are in Network Marketing or MLM, you need leads and this system is designed to help you get them through Attraction Marketing. This is much better than chasing family and friends.

If your not in Network Marketing or MLM and looking for a great home based business Elite Marketing Pro is an awesome Affiliate Marketing business that can create a good income.

The idea is to make money promoting the EMP system, and at the same time you are building your audience to promote other opportunities you maybe involved with.

What makes Elite Marketing Pro so powerful is the one-on-one coach…daily coaching…weekly webinars…high demand products…100% commission and online support…much more.

How Elite Marketing Pro Works

Once you become a member you log into the members area. Your primary task is to progress through the powerful training modules one by one.

How this works is once you completer one of the modules, you let your coach know and he or she opens the next module.  This concepts is unique and allows you the time and freedom to preform the task at hand so as not to overwhelm you.

This format helps people stay the course and not get sidetracked along the way which is very important when you are learning.  Plus you get the added advantage of a private coach.

You are assigned a Elite Marketing Pro coach who you contact in order to proceed who will help you with your personal home based business or developing an Affiliate Business. Basically, whoever it is almost certainly knows more than you do about how it all works, and will help you progress.

Training Modules


Your Back Office has more available training.

As a member you have even more available training…Basic…Intermediate…Advanced…

EMP Daily Dose Of Awesome:  This is a 15-20 minute powerful talk from people who are building their business.  The idea is to give you some marketing tips and inspiration.

EMP Weekly: There is some useful content here.

EMP Monthly: Powerful

The Basics: Beginner Traffic Strategies: It starts with a video followed with some email swipes to grow your business.

Basics Tab

Intermediate: Traffic Strategies: Video Marketing

Intermediate Tab

Advanced: Traffic Strategies and “Write Epic Copy”

Advanced Tab

More On What is Elite Marketing Pro?

Simply put, it’s an all-inclusive system that clears a lot of the hurdles most marketers face when joining the “online business.” What do you sell? Where do I sell? What is traffic? What is an autoresponder? How can I learn how to piece together a successful email campaign? What is Attraction Marketing and how do I benefit from Attraction Marketing?.

These issues are all dealt with in Elite Marketing Pro.

The three pillars of online success can be simplified to this basic formula:

System + Traffic + Monetization = Online Success.

That is a very basic way of depicting the formula in easy-to-understand terms. Another derivation of the formula can be displayed as thus:

Proven System + Tested, Hungry Traffic + High Ticket Items that are highly monetized = Crazy six to seven figure success.

Following this basic formula is all it takes.

If you have been struggling online, struggling with your Network Marketing Opportunity, you probably have been getting one or all of these variable wrong. Elite Marketing Pro takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Here are the ways Elite Marketing Pro takes the stress of marketing off your mind and pretty much guarantees your success:

It is the proven system designed by the top people in the industry.

It is a part of the Magnetic Sponsoring umbrella, which means you can rest assured the quality is top notch and the leaders who have designed the system are accountable for what they’ve put together for you.

You get licensed rights to offer all products in Magnetic Sponsoring for 100% commissions! That’s insane! You can also offer the following as a member of Elite Marketing Pro:

  • Pro Blog Academy,
  • Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint,
  • Magnetic Sponsoring,
  • Building on a Budget,
  • What’s Working Now,
  • MLM Traffic Formula II,
  • Black Belt Recruiting,
  • Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • The Copywriter’s Guild.

They help train you with the know-how essential to becoming a contender with the big boys.

It streamlines with your autoresponder to help you build your list!

Anytime you get a prospect, the sales team will email, call, and follow up with that lead on your behalf! Wowsers! It’s for real…

I could list much more. The fact of the matter is, Elite Marketing Pro IS the formula for becoming that six to seven figure marketer you have always dreamt of becoming.

How Difficult is Elite Marketing Pro to Implement?

If you can turn your computer on, hit a few keys, and read/comprehend words on a screen, then you CAN do Elite Marketing Pro.

It literally takes a basic four steps to get yourself up and running, with videos to hold your hand through each and every step! First, you will go over a fast start video/PDF, then you will set-up your account, get your links, and learn now to drive traffic. Bingo you are set!  By the way your coach will be helping you.

If you have an autoresponder (Aweber or Getresponse), you can streamline EMP with your autoresponder so you can build your list using your system.

elite marketing pro review


 What Elite Marketing Pro Offers

  • Elite Marketing Pro Automated Sales System
  • Traffic Generation & Marketing Tools
  • A Blogging System
  • Capture Page Creator Pro
  • Authority Blogging System ProElite Marketing Pro Review
  • Private Mastermind Group
  • Exclusive Elite Training
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider Subscription

Products include:

  • The Ultimate Email Profit Machine
  • The YouTube Traffic Blueprint
  • The Ultimate Sales Conversion System
  • The Ultimate List Building System
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • The 90 minute Profit Machine
  • The Facebook Power Code
  • Branded Traffic Formula

Final Thoughts

First of all, EMP not a scam.  It’s a real working system ready to employ today.

To make a system like this work comes down to an investment.  Taking the time to learn and driving tons of targeted traffic.  There’s a lot of  systems out there based solely on driving paid traffic which can become insanely expensive for those just starting out.

So, I think you could potentially learn some very worthwhile marketing here and make some good commissions as an affiliate. I also think it could be a smart way to attract leads into your Network Marketing Business or MLM Business, it’s a heck of a lot better than chasing family and friends that’s for sure.

Overall, there’s some great value training here and the right people could absolutely make money with it. Whatever you decide, I hope this review has been helpful!

Here’s your plan…

Go to Elite Marketing Pro’s Attraction Marketing.  Take the FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp Training from my friend and mentor Ferny.  Decide for your self if Elite Marketing Pro is right for you as an Affiliate or as a tool for your Network Marketing Business Opportunity.  Again, The 10-Day Bootcamp is your and will teach you the power of Attraction Marketing.

Here’s to your success,

Live Life Without Limits








PS: Here’s the question…if not now when?  if not today when? Where will you be next year or the years later?  Elite Marketing Pro and Attraction Marketing is my guarantee to my financial goals and maybe yours!

About The Author


Bill Fletcher is a marketing professional and Business Coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a home base business through a systematic approach to success. Planning-4-Success will guide you with the help of some of the best coaching program available anywhere. We train you with the best professional in all categories of business building and success management.