Failure Is No Longer An Option.

Because failure is no longer an option this article is directed to anyone who needs some help by removing the pain and stop failing.

By Bill Fletcher

What If Failure was COMPLETELY off-the-table, you were guaranteed to make money and all the excuses and fears that are used to keep Network Marketers small were now of no consequence whatsoever, where do you think they would be?

Excellent question.  Again, If all barriers were lifted, where would they be?

For many, their home based business would grow and making money would be no problem.  However, for some even this would not be enough for them to grow and proper.

So why is this?  It’s called Commitment and Focus.


Many Network Marketers are not really commitment to operating a Home Based Business.   It sounded great when they started, but as time went on that excitement began to dissolve. It was harder than they thought, too many distractions, and/or other issues came up that caused them to sit back.  The simply were not committed.  That’s okay, but just realize that this is one of the issues holding many MLM business owners back.


Focus goes right on with commitment.  Many Home Business owners loose focus.  Most begin to do something only to be distracted to something else.  For example, focusing on Facebook is an excellent media for getting prospects or free leads.  However, some were along the road, these people change from Facebook to Video Marketing or to the next shinny object.  They loss Focus.  By staying with one marketing program until it is mastered, they move to the next without ever becoming good.

Or I have seen many Work At Home people change from one program to another only to change to another.  Always chasing the “Golden Ring” and never finding it.

Acres Of Diamonds

A great book that demonstrates this “Commitment and Focus” concepts is called Acres Of Diamonds.  The story goes like this (don’t want to give the ending), the person in the story went looking for wealth.  He traveled the world trying to find the financial freedom he was seeking.  Every time he came up short.  After years of searching, he died a broken, penny-less person.  The story ends with, what he was seeking was all around him.  Read the story to get the amazing finish.

Acres Of Diamonds is an excellent book, short, entertaining and easy to read.  Personally, I have read the book over 10 times and each time got something new.

Your Critical Reason WHY

Before you finish this article, I want you to take a pad of paper and make notes on your WHY!.  What is your WHY?

  • Why do you want a Home Based Business?
  • Why do you want to make extra money?
  • Why do you want a new car, house, vacation, kids college, boat or anything else?
  • Why do you want to be out of debt?
  • Why is this really important to me?

Do that now then come back and read the rest of the article.


Did you get it done?  Something we found out was that those who do the exercise are more likely to succeed than those who do not.

So today, thanks to finding that CRITICAL REASON WHY – you are now positioned to understand your goals.  Knowing your WHY, will also help you focus your energies toward making your “Work At Home Business” more successful.

Here’s a Bonus—Finding Your Critical Reason Why

Need a little help.  Start with a dream or goal. Perhaps it is a financial goal. Maybe you want to quit your job.  You want to take a Dream Vacation or get rid of ALL YOUR DEBT.  What ever it is…Write it down and place your WHY next to it and when.

Now ask yourself “WHY this is important to me?”  “What will this really mean to me?”  Write it down.

“I want to take the family on a dream vacation.  WHY!  To see some new country.  To show the kids history.  My wife and I deserve it.  When…May 17, XXXX”

Now what is it going to cost?  Let’s say a trip to Scotland for a week.  Why Scotland?  It is beautiful and my home country.  This may cost $6,500 for the week.

Now Failure Is No Longer An Option.  You know your WHY.  You know one of the goals.  You know when and how much you need to accomplish the WHY.

Now ask yourself WHY is this important?  Answer that question.  What will this Why really mean to you?  Write it down.

For each of your WHY’s do the same thing.  Focus on each every day and soon you will learn what is necessary to get your WHY completed.

Another example:  “With $10,000 a month I could pay off all my debt and not feel so pressured.”  That’s a Why and an answer.

Mail ListAgain, ask yourself WHY this is important. What will this really mean to you? And write that down.

Perhaps it is this “pad of paper” that constitutes a REASON WHY.  It is so strong, so compelling, so important that it becomes the core of who you are and what you MUST make happen.

All of a sudden your WHY turns into Commitment and Focus.  And “Failure Is No Longer An Option”…My Home Based Business is now Making Money.

Who You Are

You will finally be able to live up to who your are.  You will be living the dream you have always sought.  You will find yourself living the pursuit of your dreams and goals…Guaranteed.

That’s because failure will no longer be an option for you. Period. End of conversation.

But know this – UNTIL you find  YOUR emotional, critical reason why – success will evade you.

Because building a profitable Home Based Business is hard work… Plain and simple.  It takes time, commitment and focus.

All of which is tough. And if you do not have an EMOTIONAL critical reasons – you simply will not pay the price.

How Do I Know

I struggled with my business for years.  I went from one program to another never finding the “Road to wealth.”  I tried every social media never mastering any of them.  I was looking for the “Silver bullet,”  “The golden ring,”  “Secret to financial freedom,”  “The one thing that was going to put me over the top.”  Only to find, like Acres Of Diamonds everything I was seeking was right here, right now and available to me.

What Next?

Do the exercise.  Know your WHY?  Identify what your WHY means.  When is your WHY going to happen.  Move to your next WHY.  Then commit.  Focus and never quit.

Failure is not longer an option

Failure is not longer
an option

It will happen…but the main thought today, tomorrow and for years to come is:  Failure Is No Longer An Option.



Thanks for listening,


About The Author


Bill Fletcher is a marketing professional and Business Coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a home base business through a systematic approach to success. Planning-4-Success will guide you with the help of some of the best coaching program available anywhere. We train you with the best professional in all categories of business building and success management.