How Solve Your Home Business With A Calendar

Put it on the Calendar!


This article “How To Solve Your Home Business With A Calendar”  will make your home business run smother and easier.  It’s a simple trick that I learned from a highly successful network marketer now a top coach in the home business arena.

In my personal business I have alway used a calendar to schedule events and follow-ups.  However, after visiting with my coach, I changed the way I use the calendar and today is so much different than yesterday.

With that out of the way….want to know how to use a simple calendar to grow and expand you business?

Let’s begin.

What Advice Could You Give Me?

Network Marketing Skills

What Advice Can You Give Me?

In my affiliate business, I sometime get asked,“Is there one thing, one piece of advice you could give me in my business that will make a difference?”

This is not a easy question to answer.  There are so many variables, such as:

  • Want do you want to accomplish?
  • How are you marketing your business?
  • Are you part-time or full-time?
  • Are you committed to building a home based business?
  • And more

I started to think about the best answer to this question.

I finally figured it out. This one thing that will completely transform your life and your business. It’s the key to having the “Success Story” you are looking for.

Leave Nothing To Chance

Don’t wing it. Be deliberate about setting up a time for the things you want to “make happen.”

If you are serious about building a successful business, be it Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Any Home Based Business, this is the #1 key thing that will do it.

In fact, I can look back and see when everything changed for me.

I started scheduling things ON MY CALENDAR

I know what your saying, “O come on.  That’s nothing new.  I’ve been using a calendar for years.  How will this change the way I operate my business?”

Schedule your day with a Daily Calendar

Here’s something to consider, an appointment is a commitment between YOU and YOU or another person.  Appointments make things happen.


Here’s an example:  My wife and I have been planning a trip to Scotland for 8 years but until I scheduled it, We never went.

We loved Scotland and it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of our life.

I wanted to fly a helicopter.  It was a wish of mine.  But until I scheduled it, it was simply a wish.

I flew a helicopter and a fixed wing plane all in 6 months.  Something that was a wish and now a reality.

Here are the things you want to schedule consistently:

What do you want to do today to move your business forward?

Schedule it!

1. Grab your Daily Calendar
2. Put a time to do something
3. Do the work

Once you put it on the calendar, miracles begin to happen. You will find the resources for things to happen once you commit to it.


Schedule Your DMO (Daily Method Of Operation)  Your’s maybe different, however here is my calendar:

1. I Schedule what I want to accomplish today
2. I Schedule to write a 600+ word blog post
3. I Schedule to do a YouTube video
4. I Schedule time to follow-up with my customers or team

I put it on the Daily calendar with time stamps (not a monthly calendar) and miracles started to happen!

I use a monthly calendar for Planning.


I write this on my daily calendar and then rewrite it again on the next days Daily calendar.  By doing this every day it builds my reason for operating a home based business.

1. What is my number 1 dream?  Put it on the top of the calendar so you can see it every day
2. What do I need to make this happen?  Again, put on the top of the calendar so you can see it every day
3. Where can I find the support to make this happen?  You know the drill…put on top of the calendar….

Dreams will never come true if you just wish for them. A wish is just a puff of smoke until you schedule it.

Put it down in writing on your calendar.  Your calendar is your business tool that sets in front of you every day!

REALITY CHECK: You will not get the things you want until you schedule them on your calendar.   Remember, nothing happens until it is scheduled.


Lack of confidence will kill your business

Confidents is a real business killer.  Small success is a real confidence builder.

One of the biggest killer in any business is Fear!  Fear of failure and Fear of success.

Fear holds many want-to-be’s back.

Grab your calendar and schedule something today and then DO IT.


I put my helicopter training in my calendar…On that day in the morning at 10 am I was heading to the helicopter school to put my wish in action.  I made a commitment TO ME on my calendar.

The night before it was just a wish. At 10 AM the wish became real.  It was real because it was now scheduled on my daily calendar!!


So, what’s more important? Are you going to let your DREAMS win or are you going to let your FEARS win?

Do you want to live your dreams or wallow in your fears for the rest of your life. You have all the power to make things happen. Set your DMO on your calendar.

THE SOLUTION IS RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. Put it on your calendar. Schedule it… make it happen.

All your dreams will begin to come true once you start scheduling the basic simple daily activities that move you closer to your expanding business.

Schedule you day on your Daily Calendar

What I am talking about is a small thing that will yield HUGE results. It’s a minor shift that will change everything for you.

If you were to look at my calendar, you would see all the activities I want to accomplish today, and a check mark next to the task.

This has been, by far, the most powerful skill for manifesting my dreams than anything else. And it’s within your reach to do the same thing.

If you already use a calendar and you are not happy with your results, then you must make minor changes.  Use 4-5 words to describe what you want.

For me:

  • 9 AM write 600+ word post.
  • 10:30 AM Post article.
  • 11 AM study (How to use Facebook, YouTube, Funnels, Capture Pages, Twitter, ……..)
  • 12 noon, take 30 min break.
  • 1 PM follow-up with customers.
  • 2:30 post to Facebook and/or Facebook Groups
  • 3 PM create a YouTube video.  I only do this once a week.
  • 4:30 PM done for the day.

Of course this change from day to day, however every thing I do is outlined on my Daily calendar.

Schedule it on your Daily calendar and then follow through on YOUR commitments to YOURSELF.

Thank for reading.

Here’s to your success,

About The Author


Bill Fletcher is a marketing professional and Business Coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a home base business through a systematic approach to success. Planning-4-Success will guide you with the help of some of the best coaching program available anywhere. We train you with the best professional in all categories of business building and success management.