The Secret of Attraction Marketing

The Secret of Attraction Marketing

By Bill Fletcher


If you don’t fully understand attraction marketing, I am going to share what that means in regards to your marketing.  Attraction Marketing can mean success and failure in your is that important.  Let me soften that statement a little.  Without attraction marketing will you fail?  No necessarily.  But with out this concept you will have a much harder time getting your Network Marketing business, Affiliate Business or MLM Business or any other type of business to grow.  Again, that is how important this is.

The Basics of Attraction Marketing

When it specifically comes to attraction marketing, the whole point is you are leading with value instead of just a pitch. For example, instead of running a blog that constantly just talks about your primary company (products or compensation plan) you instead talk about topics that would interest your readers to ATTRACT them to you.

information overloadFind a problem and solve that problem.  By solving the problem you become a “go to person” for help and advice.  This “solve the problem” can work for any type of business.  However since my main focus is Affiliate Marketing and Network marketing, I like to solve issues in this field of study.

So I research problems find issue and offer help and advice….Attraction Marketing.  For example:  Many Network Marketers have problems finding qualified leads or how to get qualified leads. By offering advice and tips I become an expert in “getting leads.”  Or How to use Facebook to get leads could be another important topic.

Offering help and advice by solving problems is attracting readers to my Blog and Attraction Marketing.

This works and is contrary to what most network marketers do or many people in various business do.   So overtime this form of marketing stands out and people want to learn more and guess who they come to…YOU.  You don’t have to be an expert or massive amount of credibility, you just have to have the desire to SERVE the people you are wanting to attract.

Any business, Brick and Mortar, Affiliate Marketing, MLM, Network Marketing and others can use Attraction Marketing.  By offering help and advice instead Pitching your product or services, which drives people away, teach them something that would be important or value to them.

Attraction Marketing Secrets

So, attraction marketing is leading with value to attract people to you by solving their problems versus just pitch them. There are scores of people that have learned this but they are missing one critical element. This element, when properly applied, will change your marketing and your results whether it is online or offline, warm market or cold market, that secret is…YOU.

Yes, YOU. The people that have been attracted to others in a leadership role throughout history were people that were on a mission, that were out to accomplish something and were Leaders solving a problem or moving people with emotions. Too often we seek acceptance or approval from our warm market just to be let down versus if you were a leader offering help and advice while being focused, you could very well attract some of those naysayers to at least want to know what you are up to.


So Attraction Marketing is helping, advice, solving, leadership, trust and being there as a friend.  It is so simple but miss understood.

Practice helping instead of pitching or pushing and you will find that the concept works.





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