Secret To Success

Everybody Loves A Good Secret

Everybody loves a good secret. In fact, the juicier, the better. Why? Because we all love being insiders. We love the feeling of exclusivity, of knowing something that’s just ours and no one else’s.

In business, secrets do more than just stroke our egos. We love having the upper hand. We love having the “unfair advantage.”

As the page title says, “Secret To Success,” I’m going to disappoint you! 

There Are No Secrets!!

The real secret is Action, Focus, and Commitment!

Have A Plan

The secret is to have a plan.  The plan doesn’t have to be elaborate.  The plan is where are you today and where do you want to be over time.  TIME…you have to set a date.  A success plan is where you have written a process in which you create action steps and reward yourself after completing each step.

If you think of Aladdin and his lamp, Aladdin picks up the lamp rubs it and out pops the Genie. The Genie always says one thing:  “Your wish is my command!”

So who is this Aladdin?  WELL IT’S YOU!

Belive in your WISH have a Plan and work the Plan.


It’s not hard to believe that ACTION is the foundation to success.  Look at any successful person and they Acted on their belief to be where they are.  Popular singers, bands, and actors Worked hard to be successful.  A Rock-in-Roll Hall Of Fame brothers sang at churches, bars, night clubs, county fairs for years and years before gaining fame.

You are no different.  The Action you put in today will create fame tomorrow.


Put blinders on and Focus on the task at hand.  Distractions are all around you.  Do your best to avoid the distraction and complete what you are doing now.


Are you committed in your belief or your business?  Sit back, close your eyes and take a few minutes reflecting on what you want you really want.  If it’s not clear, then your not committed.  Commitment means you will do all you can to complete each goal, each step in your success plan.

If you can’t commit, you are simply wasting your time.

7 Important Secret To Success


The secret of success is not one single tip. The “secret of success,” is that success is brought about by a combination of smart habits, and taking action.
  1. Stop procrastinating.  Avoiding the unpleasant parts of work doesn’t make them go away. Break the seemingly unmanageable into manageable chunks, then sprinkle those less-enjoyable aspects of a task into that other stuff that you really like.
  2. Beat negativity.  Understand that the road to success will not be unending, continual joy. There will be difficulties, setbacks, and moments where you question your commitment. These will occur whether you’re on the right path or the wrong path, so understand that while it might be hard sometimes, you’ll need to make an effort to re-establish and embrace that positivity you felt at the outset of your endeavor.
  3. Embrace failure. Failure is seen as a clue to the puzzle. Successful people see failure as a necessary part of life. They do not see themselves as failures, rather they look at the task as not working out. ”Failure,” as Henry Ford put it, “is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently
  4. Focus on survival. The most important goal when beginning a new business, job, or craft is simply to survive. Don’t set your sights too high or wide at the outset, establishing unrealistic goals for your fledgling enterprise.
  5. Prioritize your tasks. Focus on completing the tasks which will benefit you the most in the long run. Learn to identify the difference between “high-value” tasks (that which will benefit you the most in the long term) versus “low-value” tasks (that which may be easier, but will offer much fewer benefits).
  6. Complete your projectsFollow through on that which you’ve begun. Finishing one project will teach you exponentially more than a dozen fizzled-out attempts, even if you never want to look at that project again.
  7. “Can Do” AttitudeEnthusiastic and always ready for a challenge, successful people look at finding solutions. They are fixers in life. They’re not obsessed about fixing things that can’t be fixed though and know when to back off and let something go. Successful people can maintain perspective and not get carried away with their enthusiasm.

Failure is not an option!

So, it’s time to get to Work, Focus and Commit

All In One Business

One of the best ways for a traditional, brick and mortar business to succeed (think Walmart, restaurants, theaters, gyms) is location, location, location. They spend a huge amount of money to figure out the best location which will give them the most exposure. After all, if people can’t find the company, there’s no customers which means NO money.

The same principle applies for Affiliate Marketers . You have to know how to be “seen” online which means you’ll get more leads. Leads equal money, plain and simple.

Sometimes the best way to understand how well something is working is to take a Test Drive and see for yourself what it is all about.

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