How To Find The Secret Success Expert

The secret to success or how to find the secret to success is to find an expert. The expert is the real secret to your success.

How do you find that expert?

It’s not easy.  The expert maybe your neighbor, a friend, someone you work with or a stranger you meet by accident.

Experts are all around us, your job is to find them.

What is an expert?

Keep looking….as Ken and Pat did!

Here’s The Story of Ken and Pat

Once upon a time, there was a couple, we will call..Ken and Pat.

Both of them are happily married and comfortable in life. Both have good jobs with an Okay Income, they own a house in a well established neighborhood, and two beautiful children,  Amy and Anna.

Life was okay. They never lack any basic amenities. Basically, Ken and Pat have no need to worry about their finance or others needs.

In the morning they see the girls off to school, visit a little, have a morning coffee, then off to their various jobs. Nothing special, their life went on as usual.

Day after day life continued as normal.  After living the same life style for years, they realized that their life seems to be so routine!  So predictable!

It seems like something was missing for both of them.

The ideas of waking up in the morning doing that same thing every day became boring.

Their routine was the same: wake up every morning, see the girls off to school, go to work, come back from work, eat dinner with the girls (sometimes they go out) watch TV, the normal, typical daily stuff.

With the money they earned on their job’s, it would not be possible for them to go on long vacation to exotic places, safaris in Africa, or even to villas in the mountains.

OH they could take a vacation, but they had to watch what they spent.

They dreamed of sunny beaches, cruises, tropical islands, but these were only a dream.

The couple needed to do something different to bring a change rather than the normal daily routine, the feeling and the zest was there but how? They felt something was missing.

They both sat down and thought….

What is missing?

What are we missing??

What is missing in our lives???

What they found out was….Their passion for life was missing…..

This was because they lost the passion in their life, every day was like yesterday.

Their current income seemed to never change.  They were okay with the income but they couldn’t do much more.  They wanted more enjoyment.

Every day was the same as yesterday, and tomorrow will be the same as today.

So one day, Pat cried out..Enough;  “Enough is enough of this meaningless typical life, we need to find our lost passion for life.  We need to enjoy life to the fullest and be better off financially than just a job.”


They both knew they could achieve more.  Pat looked at Ken “There is more but I don’t not know how and why we’re not achieving more.”  “Achieving does not mean that we have to be millionaires, but enjoy other aspects of our life.”

With that Ken agreed, and so they set off to find a better lifestyle and seek the passion that was missing in their life.

Amazingly, Ken was told by a successful friend, that there is a secret success expert living in a far, far away land, on top of the highest mountain. The expert your seeking lives on top of that mountain.

Ken was excited with this news, and so after much discussion with Pat, they make a decision. They decide to seek advice from the expert for the secrets of success.

For several months, they were able save some money to seek the experts advice.  And off they went.

After days of searching high and low with their determination to seek the answer, they finally found the mountain where the expert lives.

Excited, they make the climb to the peak of the mountain. The climb was very hard, tedious and struggling by every step, but they agreed “it’s worth the effort.”

Finally, they are at the peak.

Looking over the view of the world from the top of the mountain, they felt so content and peace of mind. Now, their task is to find the success expert.

The climb was difficult, but the hard part was where could he be?

Suddenly, they see an old man, sitting at the end of the mountain on a rock. It seem to them that this was very dangerous to sit there.  They knew that anyone sitting there could fall off at anytime down the mountain and get injured.

So, Pat moves closer and whispers to the expert, “Excuse me, old man, are you the secret success expert that helps people to become successful?”

The expert seems not to be hearing her whisper. He is still sitting quietly at the end of the mountain without any movement.

Pat whispers again, “Excuse me, are you the secret success expert that helps people to be successful?”

Then, the old man turns around and stands up at the end of the mountain top. This is even more dangerous now, because anyone can lose balance and fall off!

Pat was much louder, “Be careful! You can fall down from the mountain if you stand so near to the edge of the rock.”

But the expert simply ignores what they said. In fact, he replies, “If you want to speak with me and learn from me, you have to come closer. Come and stand beside me at the end of the mountain top, my students.”

If they want to learn the secrets of success from the expert, they had to follow his instruction. With the fear of falling, they came closer to the expert.

Now, the old man is standing in the middle with both of them standing on the left and right side of the expert.

All three of them are facing outwards from the mountain, they are looking down the slope of the mountain overlooking the top of the world.

They can fall down the mountain at any time if they are not careful.

Ken and Pat’s hearts are beating non-stop from the fear of falling.

However, they begin to feel different, a feeling they never felt before, peace of mind and yet full of anxiety.

Looking down at the land before them, they felt really confident at what they have done.  And also a little afraid of falling. They both know that if they fall down the mountain they will surely die.

Ken was looking at Pat and the old man who was standing beside him, ‘Now what?’.  So now Ken had the confidence to asks the expert the million dollar question….

“We have traveled a long distance, we climbed a mountain, we stumbled, we felt fear….What is the secret of success, my expert?”

The expert just smiled at them and replies; “Look at the world beyond and below, from here my friend.”

Following the instruction, both of them did as instructed, they both looked at the world from the top of the mountain. Peaceful they can see almost everything from the peak of the mountain.

Suddenly The Experts Pushes From The Mountain Top

Suddenly, the expert pushes them off the mountain peak!!   OH NO!!!

Both of them were falling.

As they fall, they were afraid of death.  Suddenly, they realize that they could fly!

…….From childhood to adults, they had forgotten that they could fly.

From that moment, Ken and Pat’s lives have so ever changed.

Remember when we were much younger, just kids?

As a child, we could do anything.  We had no fear!  We could dream!  We could be A Doctor, A Fireman, A Policeman, A Superhero, A Singer, we could anything, We Could Even Fly, or anything we wanted to be.


Over time we lost the ability to dream.

We were all born to fly.

Just as eagles can fly high into the sky, you can fly and become successful.  It takes hard work and dedication.

You are already at the mountain top, the secret place for success?

All you do now is FLY!!  Fly high into the sky and join the eagle.

Don’t remain in your comfort zone, there are other better things to leverage your talent with.

Take that leap of faith and join the rest of us as we pursue our Passion for life.

Here’s the best to you and your mountain top,

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