5 Steps To Achieve Success In Network Marketing

Here’s a 5 Step outline to achieve business success and create a full-time income in network marketing.

By| Bill Fletcher

SkillsIt’s a known fact, 8 out of 10 people fail to make any income in network marketing. It takes desire, training, discipline and little success that builds a successful Network Market Business. Your goal in network marketing is to achieve a top leadership role. This can easily be done if you know where you are going and why.


1. Plan – You must have a well written plan. Spend time and really think about your plan of action. Success is based upon you designing and implementing your Plan. So important that this is Number 1 to your success. An example is an airline pilot planing his route. The pilot plans the route to Chicago. Along the way the plans may change due to weather. The pilot simply alters the plan and ends up in Chicago, his Goal. With out a plan of where you are going you may end up somewhere else. Begin your success journey with a written plan so you know where you are going.


2.Your WHY– You must be crystal clear WHY you want a business. Are you looking for some extra income to put the kids in college? Take the family on a European vacation? Maybe you want to quit your job and work from home. What ever your reason, the WHY will keep you on track. Dig down deep until you figure out your true WHY. Your WHY must be strong, a commitment to do what ever it take. Take time right now and write your WHY statement.


3. Goals– Hundreds of articles have been written about Goals. Without a Goal you have Nothing. Is this the first step? I don’t think so. Plan first, WHY Statement second and then your Goal. The airline pilot’s goal was Chicago. The plan was the route. Without a written Plan your goal is meaningless. Example, set a monthly goal to obtain $500 dollars. The next goal is 6 months then 1 year. Every 6 months review the previous 6 months to see if your on track. Alter the plan, if necessary but keep the goal. The plan will tell you how, the WHY Statement tells you why.


4. Commitment– You must be 100% committed to your Plan. If you say “I’ll give it a try to see where it goes”, DON’T EVEN DO IT. You’ve already set yourself up for failure. Bob was in network marketing. In 10 years he was in 13 different companies. He was never committed and of course he failed. He was always looking for the next best opportunity “to try”. Be committed, review your WHY Statement and success will be virtually guaranteed.


5. Action– You have a written Plan, WHY Statement and Goals now it’s time to take action. This is the most difficult of all the steps. Why? In a word Action. Remember the Plan you carefully laid out? The plan is your action steps. The number 1 problem with Action is DISTRACTIONS. Distractions comes from Family, TV, phone, email, etc. Taking Action toward your business will be the life-blood to your success. Taking Action will produce results.

SkillsThese 5 steps are crucial in building a successful part-time business to making a full-time income in network marketing. Carefully building each step on each other will lay the foundation to a successful business. This is not an overnight exercise. Each step, when done properly will take weeks to complete and a lifetime of fine-tuning. Making income in networking marketing is not hard and it’s not easy. But with a game plan the playing field is yours to command. Watch this FREE VIDEO to begin your success journey.

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