How Do I Make Money Blogging-The Direct Model?

How Do I Make Money Blogging-The Direct Model?

By Bill Fletcher

Have you been thing about making money by blogging?  Or “Can I Make Money Blogging”?  Question 2Maybe you thought of “How To Make Money Blogging”?

If any of these thoughts have entered your mind, you’re not alone.  A lot of ordinary people are trying to earn some money either through Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing and a varity of other making money opportunities.

So it is inevatible that some are thinking of blogging for money.  If this sounds like you congradulations.  Blogging is fun, easy and has the opportunity to make some very good money with a home based business.  But there is an UP side and a DOWN side to blogging.  It’s worth taking a look at different models.  This will give you a good idea in what is in store for you.

If you are looking seriously at blog, you have two Models to think about:  Direct Model and Indirect Model.

  • The Direct Model is where the blogger earns income from their blog.
  • The Indirect Model is earning an income because of the blog.

I will explain the difference.  Each has an income model.  Which model depends on your goals and desire’s?

Direct Model

1. Advertising

In this model, the blogger sells advertising space on his or her blog.  If you have a large following, this can be very lucrative.  If you are a beginner, this will not be a good model.  The reason; trying to sell others on advertising when you have no one looking at your blog.

Payment with this model is normally on a ‘per click’ basis.  Pay per click is referred to as CPC or ‘cost per click’.

Here are some ideas on various ads.  I suggest you GOOGLE for more information:

  •        Blog Ads
  •        Text Ads
  •        RSS Ads
  •        Impression Ads
  •        Other Ads

Other ads include:  AdGenta, CrispAds, Clicksor, Intelli Txt, Peak Click, Double Click, YesAdvertising, RevenuePilotTextAds, SearchFeed and TextAds.

2. Sponsorship

Another form of advertising that a few bloggers are using is to find their own advertisers.

The key if you’re going to take this approach is to target advertisers in your niche that have products that closely relate to what you’re writing about. You can offer them ad space including banner ads, buttons, text links and individual post sponsorships. I would recommend that you always tell your readers that your post is sponsored when you’re writing a sponsored post.

3. Affiliate Programs

The most common blog and one that is growing is an Affiliate Model.  The Affiliate model is Affiliate Marketing 2where you make a commission for referring a reader to a product or service from a company and you make a commission on the sale of the product or service.  Amazon is one of these affiliate models.  By simply referring your readers to Amazon, you have tens of thousands of products to offer to the reader.  And again you make money when a product is purchased. Other affiliate program that represent many different companies is Clickbank.  As an affiliate, you again have hundreds of products to promote.

The power of Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t have to own, buy or stock the product.  All you do is to market and refer your readers to the affiliate company and they do all the work and you make some money.  But it is important you match your blog or writings to the topic of your blog.  If your blog is how to “train your dog”, you don’t want to offer weight loss.  This is confusing to the reader and most will simply go-a-way.  Again if your blog is dog training, offer dog food, dog blankets, dog treats, etc.  Get the idea?

4. Selling Blogs

Building your blog with the idea of selling is a great strategy but not one that many bloggers have been successful with.  Starting a blog with the main goal of selling it down the road will require a large reader base and well promoted.  Instead starting with this strategy, I think you should start with the intention of building a quality site that has a large readership and a good income stream.  I have found that most successful bloggers can keep a good blog going with little effort while making money.

5. Selling Merchandise

Another method is to sell T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers etc with the blog’s name, logo and/or tag lines on it.  This is another idea that will probably only work if you either have a brilliantly designed merchandise range and/or you have a cult-like status as a blogger with some fanatical readers who are a little obsessive about your blog.

6. Sell Subscriptions

The idea of charging readers for content is a great strategy.  I know of a person who sells Mail Listsubscriptions on Radiators.  His target audience is repair shops.  With a monthly subscription, he makes money each and every month writing about a subject he is very knowledgeable about.  While this is a great income source it does have a down side. The problem that most bloggers who have tried it, is that most topics that you could think to start a blog about already have free sites available. To make it succeed you would need to have some sort of premium/exclusive content and/or real expertise on a topic.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money blogging.  The fastest growing is the Affiliate Blog.  The advantage is low cost, no product, no stocking and less risk.

But knowing how to blog is another subject.  What to write about, how to structure your blog, how to target your audience, blog theme, hosting and a mired of other issues needs to be studied and mastered.

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If you are serious about blogging for money you need these courses.  These courses were developed by expert bloggers for bloggers.  They will take you from a beginner to an expert without all the mistakes many bloggers make.

As said up front, blogging is fun, easy, doesn’t take a lot of your time and is a great source of making money online.  And the best part, it can be operated part-time and from your home.

This article showed the Direct Model of “How To Make Money Blogging”.  To read the Indirect Model of “How Do I Make Money Blogging”, stay on this blog and look for the title.

Talk soon,


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