How To Sponsor More People In Your MLM Business-Part 2

How To Sponsor More People In Your MLM Business-Part 2


Couple of days ago, I wrote a post “How To Sponsor More People In Your MLM Business”. How most people focus on the products, the company, the compensation plan when recruiting others… instead of focusing on their prospect’s hot buttons and reasons why they’d want your business.

In the post, I gave you 7 key motivators we all have and if you can build your presentation by touching on these you’ll have a MUCH better chance of getting them “hooked” on what you have.

1. Money
2. Security
3. Recognition
4. Achievement
5. Love of Family
6. Self-Acceptance
7. Acceptance of Others

At the very least you’d plant a seed, and when the time is right YOU WILL be the one they go to.

Today, I’d like to give you another BIG KEY in getting others to buy into your opportunity, product or anything else you’re selling.

It’s an emotion that’s BUILT into our DNA and if you could trace all our decisions to their root cause… I’d say that all of them hinge on this.


When you purchase a product, service or opportunity, you “hope” that it’ll solve your problem.

Hope is a very powerful emotion, one of the core emotions that runs our life and dictates our behavior.

It’s not the only one, but it’s one you need to incorporate into your recruiting process.

Why?  Because that’s really what you do.

You sell HOPE.

You sell the promise of a bigger, brighter, more fulfilling future… one filled with the things THEY want in their lives. (The 7 Key Motivators)  You bring “life” back into their day to day existence.  You are the person who may possibly show a whole new way to enjoy today.

The minute your prospect finds some reason to believe that these things will happen to them as a result of joining your business or buying your product… you ignite a spark of HOPE in them.

And it’s this hope that will instantly change their state and take them from being somewhat interested to a ready buyer with money in their hands.

Hope is what you really sell, and the better you can get at it, the more people you’ll sponsor and the more money you’ll make.

“Are you interested in learning more of what I’m talking about?  Click HERE and hear a great Webinar on how an ordinary person was able to get 50 FREE qualified leads per day and will show you how he did it.  It was a great Webinar and now you can see it FREE.  Just click HERE and be amazed”

That brings up the question… “How do you sell hope if you haven’t yet experienced a lot of success yourself?”

I can tell you one thing I did and the only way I know how to do it and that’s to completely immerse yourself in your business.

You’ve got to become OBSESSED with success.

I don’t care whether you’re still part-time. Every waking minute of your day, you need to be thinking about this business and what you can do to grow it.  Be careful here.  If you have a family, you need to spend quality time with them.  You also need to take a day off just to re-cope.

Again this doesn’t mean you avoid your family or other responsibilities… but this is NOT a job this is your personal business, this is your career.

You just can’t shut it off at 5 o’clock on Friday night and not think about it ’till Monday morning, like everyone does with their J-O-B. Just Over Broke.

Be A Bit Radical

If that sounds a bit radical… well what can I say… radical is also making six and seven figures a year from home on 10-20 hours per week.

It takes radical thinking and actions, to live this kind of life and make this kind of money.

Which is why you need to do EVERYTHING in your power to be around others like that.

It’s a bit more difficult when your business is entirely online. I mean there’s no physical office to go into or weekly training sessions like I used to do.

So you must find ways to “plug” yourself in on a regular basis to get your batteries charged.  I do this by attending a weekly Webinar, in which I can learn from an expert in their field.  I also pick up a nugget or two to improve what I do or learn something new.

“Click HERE and hear a great Webinar on how an ordinary person was able to get 50 FREE qualified leads per day and will show you how he did it.  It was a great Webinar and now you can see it FREE.  Just click HERE and be amazed”

It’s hard to sell HOPE when you feel drained yourself.

When you sit in your room listening to Webinars from top income earners and learn how they did it… you can’t help but get better.

You’ll get MORE solid money making ideas in these FREE Webinars, than you can get by listening or watching dozens of hours of audios and videos.

Because there’s NOTHING like getting it LIVE and in person, without any interruptions.

Just ONE idea can add an EXTRA six-figures to your business.

What’s it worth to you to turn into sponsoring machine?

In these Webinars, you’ll discover dozens of strategies to help you do that… and do it FAST.

BUT think about this… is it worth a couple of hours a day of your life to get EVERYTHING you need to live the life you want?

I’m telling you that when you get the skills, the information and the strategies revealed in these Webinars you too can have EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted.

For some this will truly be a life-changing.  To make it even better, many of these Webinars are recorded and available to listen to over and over.

Be Radical..step away from the Norm..take your HOPE to a higher level.  If you do just a small portion of what I’m telling you, you will be successful and your Hope will be a life changing event.

Be Radical, change your life, kick the J O B habit.

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Here’s to your success

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Thanks Ray for contributing to this Radical approach to building HOPE in others.

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