Are you an Amway distributor or looking at Amway?  Whatever, here is the information you are looking for to grow your business or to get started.

Amway is not the oldest network marketing company around today but is probably one of the most well known and the largest.  The oldest is Fuller Brush.  Watkins products fall in there as does several others.  But Amway grew to become the most recognized and successful of all the network-marketing companies.

When network marketing or MLM begin to grow many organizations challenge the MLM business.  Amway took them on face-to-face, belly-to-belly and over months and years of proving that MLM business model was not a pyramid scheme.  But instead a successful business model that anyone, with a little desire to own their own business could become involved and be a business owner.  This was an important concept.  In fact we owe today’s MLM success to Amway.

So what is a pyramid?  

What is a Pyramid?

Well in a true since, today’s modern business is a pyramid.  In fact the company you work for could be called a pyramid.  Here’s what I mean.  Let’s say you have CEO, the head of the business.  The CEO has a President.  The President has 4 Vice Presidents. The Vice Presidents has 12 Directors and the Directors have 15 Manager.  The Managers have 150 other employees who consist of Secretary’s, shipping and receiving, marketing, sales, factory workers and others.

Now let me ask you, what is the possibility for the mail clerk or forklift driver moving into the CEO position?  Impossible?  No not impossible but unlikely.  So if you draw out the corporate structure it is a TRUE PYRAMID.

The advantage of any network marketing company is that you can be the CEO of your company and in fact, grow your personal business larger that the person who sponsored you.  I know of many distributors who sponsored someone who grew their business larger and more successful than the person who sponsored them.

So to answer the question Is Amway Good Or Bad?  The answer is YES! Did that shock you?  Well it should.  Let’s look at the Good.

Amway is Good

Amway is well known in the network business.  They have one of the most successful product lines.  Amway has a great support program, good motivation programs and seminars.  The leaders motivate and promote.  You can buy almost everything from Amway through an inclusive product catalog.  Amway does TV commercials to help promote the product for their distributors.  The Website is also a good promoting tool.  The marketing is a proven model and has been very successful for many Amway distributors.  Talk to a potential customer, and they probably have heard of Amway through their personal contacts, family and friends.  The products are excellent and will save the customer some money from purchasing from retail stores.  And you can make money by following the advice of the leaders.

Is Amway Bad?

No Amway is not bad in the true since of bad.  Are there problems?  Could be.  Because Amway is the oldest MLM company there are many stories on how the program works.  For example, they want you to promote the business through family and friends.  You ask a friend to take a look at a “business opportunity”.  That friend says, “Ok, what is it?”  You responded, “Come over to the house tonight and I will show you.”  Your friend says, “that’s fine but what is it?” Again you respond with “I show you tonight at 7:00, and bring your wife or friend”.   You are not to say, “selling”, “products” or “Amway”.

I know because this is how I was taught.  Do not explain, do not give details and just keep inviting.  In fact my coach told me to say, “Oh and bring a bucket over to the house when you come”.  Why say this?  It takes away questions.  Actually that caused many of my friends to become irritated.

What happens when you run out of friends and family?  Post notes on windshield in parking lots, post notes on apartment entryways, stand in front of malls and hand out flyers.  DO What Ever You Can To Invite Someone To A Business Opportunity.

The drop-out was high, many people avoid this approach and Amway, as good as it is became a training ground for what not to do.

Now the products. 

The products are excellent.  And I really mean that.  Over the long term, they will save the customer money.  But the problem. You tell the customer that they can buy your Amway laundry detergent for $35 dollars.  You tell the customer that you use just a little for the washing and it will save you $10 for the same detergent at the store.  The customer responds with “35 Dollars”, “WOW”.  But you will save $10 dollars over time!  Your job is to change the buying habits of the customer while convincing them that they will save money.  Hard—YES!.  Laying out $35 at one time as opposed to $4 dollars at the store, while I’m already there is easier.  Again, I know this because I did it.

So What Do You Do? 

What do you do?

So as I said “Is Amway Good Or Bad” and the answer is YES.  Do what your heart tells you.  But there is a better way to build your business or to get you started.  It’s called Attraction Marketing.  You first have to build trust and relationship.  People will buy or join a network marketing business from friends.  Follow top people who have built million-dollar business.  Learn from the best.  And we will show you that even if they don’t join your Amway business, you still make money.  We can even show you how to get FREE leads.  Want to use Facebook, Twitter or any of the other Social Media programs?  We show you.


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Here’s to your success

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