Making Money On The Internet With Your Home Business

Almost every website or blog post on the Internet has one goal in mind: How To Make Money, or How To Get Leads for their Home Based Business at the lowest cost possible.

If you have been following me and reading my blog post, you will note that most of my articles are to help the Internet Marketer or Home Based Business owner with suggestions, advice, tips and ideas with making money on the Internet as a theme.

The purpose of this article is to share with the Home Based Business owner and Internet Marketing and those intending to make their presence felt on the world wide web, the lessons learned from the early successes of – the online store founded by Jeff Bezos – one of the business leaders in today’s Information age.

Here are the Seven Lessons learned from Jeff Bezos’ early successes with – which I hope will be of value to you.

Lesson One: Have a Goal You must have a goal! From the moment Jeff Bezos envisioned to make his presence felt on the Internet, he spared nothing to attain his goal.

Important Note:  There are so many subjects on Goals and Goal Settings, that I will let you do your own search.  From my years of setting goals, I have learned that the single most important task of business success is to have a Goal.  Every year around early January I will spend a week putting my goals together.  This includes a yearly goal, six month goal and quarterly goals.  As the end of each of these periods, I take a couple days and review the goal and alter if necessary.

Write down and make known in clear fashion your goals to every stake holder of your Home Business or Internet business. These include your spouse, family, children and any one who will either be part of your goals or who can contribute.

When Amazon was struggling to make a profit for the first time, only its founder Jeff Bezos believed that his business goal could be achieved. Everybody was astounded when Jeff Bezos achieved his goal after one year from pronouncing his goal.

Write your goal (VERY IMPORTANT TO WRITE OUT YOUR GOALS) on a piece of paper and post this on the wall or computer beside your desk. You can use Goal Setting Templates, or any other suggestions you find when researching how to set goals.  You will also find several Goal Ideas in my Blog.

Save your goals on your hard disk. If possible make your goal the start up page when your computer boots up. Convert your goal into a screensaver. Read your goal to yourself every day as you go about your business.

Lesson Two: Motivate Yourself! You should motivate yourself every day and pass this motivation on to every one who’s involved in your business. Jeff Bezos did not lack motivation when he was struggling in his business.

To paraphrase Wallace D. Wattles who wrote the 1910 best selling book, “The Science of Getting Rich”, envision yourself right now as having a very successful business and do every legal and ethical way to actualize your vision. You can learn more about Wallace Wattle’s book…

The Science of Getting Rich – The Secret

When I began my Internet Business I visioned myself as the CEO of a Million Dollar Business.  I acted as the CEO.  Talked as the CEO.  Visioned my business as being the CEO.  As I started to make money in my business, the CEO status became more of a reality.

Lesson Three: Adapt to Change It is said that change is the one single permanent thing on this planet (i.e., next to taxes). Amazon changed the way it does business through the years. First it was an online book seller. Next it expanded into selling music and videos.

An an Internet entrepreneur you must also learn how to adapt to change. Change comes and goes. For example, in the early years of the Internet, people were wary of using credit cards in their online transactions.

Nowadays, the use of credit card is is like coffee in the morning. You can’t do without it.

Then there is the growing realization that blogs are not just for personal records. Blogs are here to stay – to help your business grow.

Lesson Four: Have a Business Model! Since we are on the topic of Amazon, you could use Amazon as your model. You could run your own business like Amazon during its early years.

Start by selling a single product or information product first.  Later add a back end product or additional products.  Once you start seeing success continue to add additional products.

I personally know highly successful Internet Markets who started with offering a single Affiliate Product to get them started and learning. After a few years of building a successful Home Business, they created a product of their own.  Then one by one they contiunued to create their own products.  The main idea here is to start with a single product either your own or from an Affiliate Company, then expand such as Amazon did.

Lesson Five: Add Content to your Blog or Website.  If your Blog or web site is content based, you should be adding new content every day. Casual visitors to your web site will become your regular guests when they see new content every time they come to your site. These visitors will soon become your regular customers.

Lesson Six: Be a Generalist!  A generalist is one who does a multitude of things. In todays language this is known as multi-tasking. This has been the culture at Amazon. You as the single person in your own business must be a generalist. This means doing and knowing everything that goes in and out of your business.

For example:  Everyone starts as a beginner.  It is the successful entreprenure that learns HOW.  How to get leads for their business.  How to set goals.  How fail and learn from the failures.  How to promote their business on the Internet and How to make money.  In my business, I have never failed.  I have learned and adjusted.

By the way, you will learn a lot about succeeding in your own business from the free resources offered at google and from the many articles in my Blog.

The one company I used to help with setting goals, and various other social media help is EMP.  Learn more about EMP from my blog post.

Lesson Seven: Set Your Work Ethic! Jeff Bezos was the company CEO and he and his wife were the first workers at Amazon. Their work ethic was marked with hard work and consistency. These traits were handed down to their employees through the years.

To succeed and grow your Internet business, you should work hard to put your Home Based Business online in the fastest and frugal manner possible. The important thing to consider is to Start.  Put your small business online early and rapidly. If you have to wake up at two in the morning to do your Internet work, by all means stick to this routine.

Again, a great resource for your business is EMP.  Read about EMP from my blog article.

Here’s to your success as one CEO to Another,


Bill Fletcher

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