The Amateur and the Professional Network Marketer

My good friend Eric Worre created this video.  I though it to be so relevant that I want to pass it on un cut.

You will learn the difference between the Amateur and the Professional Network Marketer.

The Amateur Network Marketer works part-time and uses excuses.  The Professional Network Marketer works the business with as much time as they have available.

Summer is a great time to build your Network Marketing Business.  As Eric says, “Business don’t shut down just because it is Summer.”  The same goes for Fall, Winter, Spring…business don’t shut down.

Your business is no different.  These seasons are a great opportunity to grow and build a business when the Amateur is “taking the time off.”

In this 7 minute video, Eric will differentiate the Amateur vs. the Professional.

We are all professional in our business.

Take time for yourself and your family, but remember we have a business and business don’t shut down.

Here is Eric and his message for using the Summer to your advantage.

Great video and the right message.  Many thanks to Eric Worre for this timely video.

Have a great Summer…continue to build your Network Marketing Business…do what others will not.


Bill Fletcher







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