How Do I Make Money Blogging–Indirect Model

How Do I Make Money Blogging–Indirect Model

By Bill Fletcher

This is part two of “How Do I Make Money Blogging”.  If you have not read part one “The Direct Model” Stay on this blog and look for the title.

We now turn our attention to ways of making money from blogging that are ‘indirect’ – or how to earn money because of your blog rather than from it.

The following methods are the result of the perceived expertise of the blogger whereas many of the direct methods mentioned in part one –“How Do I Make Money Blogging-The Direct Model” are less reliant upon the blogger and more on advertising.

Profiling The Blogger

Building a profile as a blogger doesn’t happen quickly. In fact it may take months before the mlm blog secretsblogger may see any results if at all.  My blog, Planning-4-Success is a success oriented blog that gives thoughts and ideas on Marketing and Home Based Business.  We also review MLM Companies, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and more.  But it took over 20 months of daily blogging before it started to get noticed.  Blogging is a long-term marketing method. Don’t get discouraged, just keep writing and “it will happen”.

In-Direct Models:


Perceived Expert

When you are perceived as an expert on a topic you will find that people will come to you for advice.  Noticed, I said Perceived!  Even if you have just a little knowledge on “something” you have more knowledge than most of your readers.  How do you get this knowledge?  Research!

I mentioned in part one of “How Do I Make Money Blogging” about a friend who blogs about Automobile Radiators.  He is neither an automobile mechanic or has ever repaired radiators.  So how does he have a large following? He does want many will not…he does research.  His blog is subscription based and he makes money blogging.  Perceive yourself as an expert and soon you will be.  It really does not take that long and you will have fun doing so. You’ve hear of the term, “Fake It”. To some extent, you have to fake it until you become an expert blogger on your niche.

Speaking Opportunities

This can be very exciting.  As you gain a reputation for a subject, you may be asked to speak at speaking engagement.  As a speaker you can command money just for speaking.  My friend, FBMike gets paid many thousands of dollars for a 90 minute talk.  He is in high demand and many times turns down some engagements do to time constraints.  At one time Mike was simply blogging short articles on Affiliate Marketing.  Today he is known as an expert.  Mike speaks at conferences, workshops and seminars on topic of MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook and How To Be Successful In Blogging. This happened over time

Selling e-Books

One of the fastest growing fields is education.  How many people are willing to purchase knowledge on a subject of their choice?  How many people are willing to learn more about how Social-Mediato blogging, loose weight, golfing, healthcare, training a dog, flying, MLM Companies or network marketing and the list goes on.  How many people are willing to pay for this knowledge?  As you gain knowledge about a subject, develop an e-book.  Remember the subscription blogger on automobile radiators?  He now has an e-book he developed over time and offers it as an up-sell in his blog.  Some bloggers have developed courses on the subject of their choice.  Want to know how to be a YouTube expert?  There is a course on the subject.  Want to be an expert on Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo or any social media marketing? there is a course on the subject. Combine that with a speaking engagement and you make money blogging, speaking and selling your e-book.


One of the benefits of blogging about a niche topic is that you will begin to connect with others who have similar interests and expertise.  As you interact with them it’s amazing to see the opportunities for working together that may arise.  The radiator blogger has worked out a partnership with a radiator manufacture. In his blog he mentions the manufacture and also sells ad space to the manufacture.  You can do the same all that is required is to START.

Blogging For A Business

As you become known, business may contact you for employment.  Many business knows the value of a blog but don’t have the expertise to produce one.  This is where you come in.  You can either contract with the business or accept employment. BloggerJobs is one site worth following if you’re looking for these types of jobs. Most of the jobs there are from blog networks but occasionally they include businesses looking for bloggers also.

Offline Writing

Similar to blogging for a business, Offline Writing is writing for magazines, trade publications, newspapers, community groups, churches, trade publications etc.

As you can see from Part One – “How Do I Make Money Blogging” – Direct Model and Part Two – “How Do I Make Money Blogging” – Indirect Model, you can make money blogging.  All it takes is time, some knowledge about a niche, your target audience and STARTING.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money blogging.  The fastest growing is the Affiliate Blog.  The advantage is low cost, no product, no stocking and less risk.

But knowing how to blog is another subject.  What to write about, how to structure your blog, how to target your audience, blog theme, hosting and a mired of other issues needs to be studied and mastered.

Some of the best courses on blogging can be found in My Lead System Pro’s back office:

–        Posting on Purpose for Profit is an outstanding course.  In this course you will learn to:      “Discover the Iron-Clad Scientific Formula for you to easily make $100,000 or more with your business in 12 months or less!”

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–        Authority Content Profit System is a must have course.  FREE 12 minute video reveals how you can instantly create your must-have celebrity “Guru-Status” with proven done-for-you articles that get you noticed, get you leads and get you paid all on complete Autopilot.

If you are serious about blogging for money you need these courses.  These courses were developed by expert bloggers for bloggers.  They will take you from a beginner to an expert without all the mistakes many bloggers make.

As said up front, blogging is fun, easy, doesn’t take a lot of your time and is a great source of making money online.  And the best part, it can be operated part-time and from your home.

This article showed the Indirect Model of “How To Make Money Blogging”.  To read the Direct Model of “How Do I Make Money Blogging”, Stay on this blog and look for the title.

If you’re planning to use some of these indirect models of making money with your blog it’s important that you think seriously about building your profile and credibility as a blogger. Think about the types of people that you respect and look to as experts and consider what they offer in their fields.  Use good Keywords so you will rank on Google

Don’t know how to blog?  Empower Network is the fastest growing business on how to make money blogging that I have ever seen.  Add to that is Prosperity Team.  Prosperity Team is a marketing arm for Empower Network.  A newly developed product call iPAS2 will set a new direction in home business marketing.  Another source of how to blog is ProBlogger.

Here’s where I’d start: 

  • Provide valuable content that shows an understanding of your niche.
  • Network within your niche. Work on being connected with other key players.
  • Be proactive by using your blog not only to report and rehash news but to also show initiative in proposing solutions.
  • Be trained and coached by professional bloggers, SEO experts and a already developed blogging platform.

As you have read in Part One and Part Two, blogging can be profitable and great…Home Based Business.

Talk soon,


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Bill Fletcher is a marketing professional and Business Coach. My goal is to help anyone who is interested in building a home base business through a systematic approach to success. Planning-4-Success will guide you with the help of some of the best coaching program available anywhere. We train you with the best professional in all categories of business building and success management.