Network Marketing vs. Network Sales

Great Decision To Get into Network Marketing

Great Decision To Get into Network Marketing

So you have a network marketing business or a business opportunity.  First off, congratulations on your decision.  It was one of the best decisions you can make.

The question is How Are You Doing?  Struggling a little bit?  Not what you expected?  How is the support?  Are you getting Leads?  If you have team members…are they growing or dropping out as fast as you can sponsor them?

I know all the answers because I have been there.  Struggling, disappointed, little support, no leads and drop-outs.

Where is you mind?  Here is what I mean.  You have joined an MLM Company to sell a product?  That product can be anything from, weight loss, energy, cleaning products, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, and a host of other products.

The other part of your MLM Company is to offer a business opportunity and to find and recruit new members.  Finding that kinda tough?  You have blown through all your friends and family, now you have to find people you don’t know.  And OH NO I actually have to stranger and OH NO make a phone call.  I know the phone is like a 50 lb. handle.

Your job is to convince them “this is a great business opportunity” and to join you.  However, did you know that only 10 in a 100 will even give you the time.  And of the 10 only 1 maybe 2 will grow the business.

That’s okay as long as you know the numbers.

Let’s talk about Network Marketing vs. Network Sales.

If you are approaching your business as Sales, you are doing it all wrong.

You are not in the business of Selling products or Selling your business opportunity.  Shocked?

You are not in the business of SELLING.

I have a question for you:  Is McDonalds in the business of selling Hamburgers?  Think for a moment because it is not a trick question.

Are they in the business of selling hamburgers?  The answer is NO!


McDonalds is in the business of MARKETING!

They market McDonalds to SELL hamburgers.

Ah-haGet the picture?  This should have been an AH HA moment.  Marketing vs. Selling.

There is no different with your home based business. You’re in the business of Marketing and not Selling.  Your in the business of making money.

Through all your marketing efforts you will get sales.  Through your marketing efforts you will get leads and sign-ups.  Through your marketing efforts you will grow a successful business.

Once again, Network Marketing vs. Network Sales, you market your business and your products in order to get sales.  You won’t get Sales if you don’t Market…Okay!

In an earlier blog post I talked about: “People don’t like to be sold.  But they do like to Purchase.”  The concept here is marketing.

Market your Business Opportunity instead of trying to Sell it.  Market your Products instead of trying to Sell them.  You will find less reluctance if you change your approach.


What is the difference between Marketing and Selling? Marketing as defined by Reis and Trout a long time ago in their best selling book “Positioning” as The Battle for the Customers Mind.

So Marketing is creating a demand in the customers MIND so that they will seek you out. Sales on the other hand is chasing customers and asking for the order.

Another way of thinking about the difference between selling and marketing is the difference between forcing yourself on them and offering help, advice, trust and guidance.

Marketing then is about creating positions in the MIND of your customers and prospects about the value of your product or business opportunity. It is about crafting your unique selling proposition and promoting it perpetually so that it gets into the MIND and stays there occupying a “position” in the customers or prospects mental product grid.

Stop Selling and Start Marketing.  Your home business will love you.


Bill Fletcher








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