Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead

If you’re looking to achieve financial freedom from a home based business, specifically through Traditional MLM, or Network Marketing you’re in for a rude awakening my friend.

Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead!

Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead!

If you’re already in the MLM trench, fighting with every breath you’ve got just to make a few dollars, not seeing the promise you were presented, it’s not your fault… Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead.

Old school marketing has given way to a new and a more powerful successful way of finding, qualifying and sponsoring new reps who want what you have to offer.

What I’m about to share with you may anger some Network Marketers, but what I share will help countless other struggling network marketers.

You see, the industry is rapidly changing and the purpose of this “Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead” letter is to warn you, or at least make you aware of some very unsettling trends that will need your immediate attention.

That is if you plan to make any money from your MLM Business or work at home business.

Whatever you do, read this article thoroughly. I wrote this article to help the struggling, frustrated Network Marketer with information about Network Marketing and how the industry is changing.

More important, how to avoid the frustration of recruiting the “wrong person,” in your MLM business.

So if you’re in a Network Marketing Business or MLM, the information in this article is absolutely vital to your success.

How do I know? I have been in Network Marketing for many years. I failed at 5 high profile MLM Companies because I tried to market my MLM Business the old way.

Just like the Typewriter has given way to the Computer, Old Style Network Marketing has given way to the “door-to-door, chasing family-n-friends” recruiting.

Old Style Marketing vs The New Marketing

Old Style Marketing vs The New Marketing

In fact using the old method of finding prospects, I found it difficult and for that reason, I quit many times. That was until I was given the SECRET to success in Network Marketing and how to get people to join my business opportunity without me chasing them. How cool is that!

Can you succeed in MLM? Some make it successful, while many don’t.

Network Marketing is not a hard business to make money with. It’s also not an easy business to make money with because people are not given the proper information, coaching and realistic expectations.

You see, to have a success business you have to Work. You need a plan.  You need coach. For many Networkers Work is a hard concept. The Plan you were told that all you have to do is to invite 3 who get 3 who get 3….

This is not as easy as it may sound and why so many quit the business.

Now don’t get me wrong. I personally believe that Network Marketing is a great business opportunity.

It can be easy, it is affordable, can be operated part-time, lot of fun and you can, when done right allow you to make money.

At this point I’m going to assume that you’re struggling in your Network Marketing Business. Or may be looking to join a Network Marketing Company or MLM and join the work at home business industry.

Struggling With Your Network Marketing Business and afraid to fail?

Struggling With Your Network Marketing Business and afraid to fail?

If your struggling, I’m going to assume that you have picked an MLM Company and trying to build that business.

I’m also going to make a bold statement here:

“You’re probably struggling to make any money. You’re not finding good qualified people who will join your business opportunity. You’ve run out of friends and family. You’re at a loss as to where to turn next. People are leaving or doing nothing. And I’m going to assume you are looking for help.”

If you’re not struggling, then consider yourself extremely fortunate.

So what’s going on with MLM?

Well, in a nutshell, the promises of old-school MLM marketing and “life-long” residual income are all but dead for you and me. This promise has been cut down at the knees by an unlikely culprit whom I’ll reveal to you in a minute.

I know you’ve seen the symptoms. In fact, I guarantee they are plaguing your MLM organization at this very moment… But what you might not understand or give proper respect to is the cause behind them.

I Have 8 Important Questions

  1. Is your MLM organization being depleted by constant quitters?
  2. Is your MLM down-line full of complaining reps who want you to always hold their hand?
  3. Are you tired of working your tail off for a few hundred when you feel like you should be making ten times more for your efforts?
  4. Is your down-line working or just sitting around watching TV?
  5. Do you hold meetings with “no shows” or just a few people showing?
  6. Are you just tired and wondering, “what is wrong?”
  7. Have you lost the “dream?”
  8. And finely, are you ready to quit? Well don’t, this is a good business and I can prove it.

Right now, building an MLM business is a struggle in a time where people leave just as fast as they join, or they quit because of a lack of success and when a “newer, bigger, and better” business opportunity presents itself, they leave you to join another MLM Company. which basically means…

Trying To Build A Downline Is Like Trying To Fill A Leaking Bucket.

You can get ahead of the curve for a while if you have the time, money, and energy, but it’s only a matter of time before it will drain dry.

You see with new business opportunities coming out every month, people quit one to go to another. It is called a “ground floor opportunity.” It’s “Be the first and you can build a great downline.”  It’s the “Shinny Object” mentality.

It has happened to me and I suspect it has happened to you were someone quits to join another MLM Company with promise of riches and they take some of your down-line.

In an industry where hype and the pre-launch have become the norm, a growing trend is quickly gaining popularity with professional networkers as well as the new networkers who are sick of constantly trying to build a MLM Business.

It’s A Concept Called Attraction Marketing, And It’s Going To Play A Major Role In Network Marketing From This Point Forward.

Attraction Marketing The New Network Marketing Answer.

Attraction Marketing The New Network Marketing Answer.

Attraction Marketing is not a company. It’s not a business opportunity. It’s a “tool” that can be used to teach you and your team how to find, attract and recruit the “right” person in your business.

It will weed out the tire kickers, the non-doers and help you identify the person who wants to build a home base business with YOU.

Attraction Marketing is an answer to the struggling network marketer by ending the daily frustration of finding the “right” person.

No more family and friends or the waiter, the postman, classmates or any of all those outdated methods normally taught by the MLM Companies.

Attraction Marketing will allow you to put tens-of-thousands of dollars of cash in your pocket in weeks and months…not years. But the best part about Attraction Marketing, is that it is proven, teachable and realistic and will work with any MLM Company or Business Opportunity.

Another part of Attraction Marketing is when the prospect turns you down on your Business Opportunity, you can offer them Attraction Marketing and still make money. Win-Win For Both.

Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead As We Know It…

Network marketing has always been based on the idea of recruiting family, friends, schoolmates, collage friends, neighbors and making a list of “everyone you know.” It is asking anyone who is within 3 feet of you to look at a business opportunity.

The problem with this old school marketing is that most people don’t want your opportunity or will give an excuse of “let me think it over” which is a polite way of saying NO.

The promise of working for 3-5 years and building a life long residual income sounds good… And it may have been true at one time, but not today – Not anymore.

I will show you what I mean with just one word:


People are traded like cattle from one company to another every 9 to 12 months. Network Marketing has become obsessed with “timing”, “pre-launches”, and “the next big thing”, but the cause behind that obsession is what truly scares me. I’ll explain why shortly.

What’s causing this gruesome condition?

The Answer Is Simple…

The number of new people coming into Network Marketing or MLM each year is now in the many thousands. Most have been given a “story line of how easy it is to sponsor 3 who will sponsor 3 who will sponsor 3 and on and on.

The promise of riches is ingrained into every presentation. We are hyped up by showing Yachts, Exotic Cars, Planes, Big Homes, Far Off Places and all you have to do is sponsor…3. Or the craziest of all is to wear a Button. What profession do you know that wears a button and do you think the person you’re recruiting really wants to wear a button? I don’t think so.

We hype up our product, company, comp plan with our ever knowing what it is our prospects wants. We are so eager to “sell” them that we don’t bother to find our more about our prospect.

We are told to after “Numbers.” The more numbers the more will join….lie.

Hundreds of new MLM Companies are launch every year thanks to the Internet. In fact you can literally start your own company from your bedroom if you want.

Welcome to the world of the Pre-Launch – a company’s chance to catch the attention of networkers, and steer them away from their current opportunity with the promise of “getting in on the ground floor.”

And so the game has started AGAIN. This time around a company that promises to be the biggest and best with their new patented Wonder Vitamin or Weight Lost or Energy Drink that will change the world, from a rare fruit, plant or root from the jungles that nobody in the modern world has ever heard of or technology that has “never been seen” before.

Networkers inevitably flock to it by the thousands trying to “get in on top”. And if they don’t, it doesn’t matter because another shiny new MLM Company will launch in about 9-12 months, and they scramble from one company to another.

And why do they do this? Frustration, lack of success, no coaching, no direction and no mentor.

This has resulted in vicious cat fight between these MLM Companies as “mine is better than there’s.” “Our plan is better than there’s.” “We have a better marketing plan than there’s.”

And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It.

They Quit One Network Marketing Business To Go To Another.

They Quit One Network Marketing Business To Go To Another.

The very moment your new distributor feels frustration… feels alone… feels failure… he or she will instantly open up to the endless supply of alternatives filling their inboxes on a daily basis with the very thing that will cure their pain – and ‘poof’, they are gone.

There is no long-term commitment because networkers are only as loyal as the leadership of their up-line. A new business opportunity is just one click away and believe me they will jump if you don’t help or support them.

This is why it is important to find the right person, help that person, teach them how they can find and recruit the right person.

This is where Attraction Marketing plays a major roll.

For better or worse, Attraction Marketing is the new reality of Network Marketing.

While this sounds as if I am bashing the industry, I’m not, as I mention earlier, I believe there is nothing better than Network Marketing or MLM to make money when done the right way.

So What Now?

Well that’s the million-dollar question isn’t it?

To be very honest, there is no right or wrong answer. It really all depends on what you personally want from of your MLM business.

Are you willing to deal with people coming and going, complaining, meetings, phone calls all hours of the day, lazy and not willing to grow?

If you’d like to build a new business every 9-24 months…Go for it. There’s LOTS of money to be made by herding all the cattle who are willing to jump into the next best thing.

The sobering conclusion… It doesn’t matter what company you build in Network Marketing. You’re going to face the same challenges I just mentioned above in all of them.

Is There An Answer To The Problem?

I said earlier, there is a Secret to building a great Network Marketing Business, and it is this:

The Secret to building a successful home based business build on Network Marketing is to attract:

  • Only those who want to have a business and willing to put in the effort and time.
  • They are looking for the leader that they can trust and help them.
  • Network Marketers are looking for that secret “TOOL” that will show them how to build a business with less stress.
  • They want a powerful program that can continually coach, teach and support their efforts.
  • They want a Mentor.

Solve these problems and you will have a team of loyal team members.

So my question: “Is There An Answer To These Problems? And the answer is “YES” There Is!

So What’s The Answer?

Well that’s the million-dollar question isn’t it?

Again, it really all depends on what you personally want out of your business, and if you’re willing to deal with recruiting the “wrong” people.

For me I was unwilling to deal with the merry-go-round of tire-kickers and quitters.

Attraction Marketing Is The Secret Answer.

You see, Attraction Marketing is not MLM specific. Anyone in any industry can use the power of Attraction Marketing. Even Brick-n-Mortar business use Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing has been around a few years. Developed by Mike Dillard, Attraction Marketing is quickly becoming THE solution for the challenges facing Network Marketers in the Internet Age.

Attraction Marketing, Teaches Us How To Attract The “Right” People.

Who you work with is completely up to you, so work with the highest caliber of people possible: People like you who want more! Professionals! People who make things happen, not excuses.

Attraction Marketing Is Your Answer To Attracting The Right People

Attraction Marketing Is Your Answer To Attracting The Right People

Someone who are willing to Work and be Coached.

I personally offer Attraction Marketing to people already in the Network Marketing business and who maybe struggling or need help and advice.

It makes all the difference in the world when you get to spend your time recruiting and working with people who are just like you. They love this industry, and they don’t need any convincing.

They already know an investment is required to start a business and have no problem with it because they are true entrepreneurs.

Wouldn’t you like to work with excited entrepreneurs?

  • People who don’t whine, complain, constantly make excuses, or need you to hold their hand 24/7?
  • People who are willing to work as hard as you toward a common goal?
  • People who don’t get frustrated over minor set-backs?
  • People who are willing to be coached and mentored?

Attraction Marketing allows you to CHOOSE who you want to work with and reject those who will waste your time and energy.

You are Targeting a select group of people that meet your requirements. You can forget about “numbers” and only select quality people.

You are simply the “Human Resource” manager and hiring only the ones you want.

This is important, you become as successful as the people you surround yourself with, so why not work with people who truly live lives of luxury instead of people who drive around in mini-vans with “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How” stickers on the window?

I don’t know about you, but I got into this industry to earn a massive and stable income, yet we’re faced with the fact that traditional old style MLM marketing just isn’t the opportunity it used to be.

So if this ATTRACTION MARKETING model makes sense to you…

If you’re ready to use a “TOOL” that will allow you to make money with your Network Marketing Business, within months instead of years without the risks or headaches of sponsoring the “wrong” people… If you are ready to stop:

  • Cold Calling
  • Pitching Family & Friends
  • Hosting Home Parties or Hotel Events
  • Wearing silly buttons
  • Or handing out flyers or Business Cards at Chamber of Commerce Meetings…

Attraction Marketing is the solution or “Secret” to kick-start your business. Then teach your down-line Attraction Marketing. Soon you will have the business you were promised.

Your Invitation

I invite you to get your copy of Attraction Marketing where you’ll have an opportunity to meet my friend and mentor Ferny, who is the author of the FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp leading into Attraction Marketing.

So, click on the link below, listen to Ferny and get your Attraction Marketing program and a Free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Be sure to go through each day of the 10-Day Bootcamp because what you are about to receive, could change your business life forever, like it did mine.

Then when it makes sense and you like what you see, I invite you come-in where you will be introduced to many of other like minded professional who are also building their business.

Remember, you become as successful as the people you surround yourself with. These people are the ones you want to be around.

Old Style Network Marketing Is Dead and has been replaced with a more powerful Attraction Marketing Program you can use to build a wildly successful Network Marketing Business.

It all begins by going thorough the Free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Click the Banner and we’ll see you on the inside…okay

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