7 Fundamental Skills To Network Marketing


What are the 7 Fundamental Skills To Network Marketing or Let’s Put It Another Way…What is The Fastest Path To $10,000…$20,000…$50,000 and even $100,00 A Year.

Network marketing is a fun and profitable business if you follow the 7 Fundamental Skills.  In addition to the 7 Skills, you must learn from your mistakes.  Mistakes will happen.  What you do with them will determine your success.  Dwell on your mistakes and your business will fail.  Learn from the mistakes and you will succeed!

7 Fundamental Skill To Network Marketing

If your are making less than $100,000 a year in network marketing, the key to success is mastering the 7 Fundamental Skills of our profession.  Those skills are:

  1. Finding prospects
  2. Inviting prospects
  3. Following up with prospects
  4. Closing prospects
  5. Getting new prospects started
  6. Promoting events
  7. Use a marketing system that is proven to work

That’s it.

Those are the 7 Fundamental Skills to Network Marketing.  The key is to find the mix between what works and what duplicates.

easy-button1-150x150Network Marketing is not complicated or hard and It’s not easy.  It DOES requires “work” “time” “focus” and “dedication.”  Like any new adventure, Network Marketing takes time to develop the skills to master your craft.  Skills you will use every day not only in your network marketing business but also in you personal life.

If your not willing to put the effort, time, dedication into building a successful MLM business – don’t even try.

This is a business you have to work at every day.  It’s a business that take time to build.  And it’s a business that has it’s disappointments and frustrations. The best part of Network Marketing is “if you work your business using your skills, stay loyal and be determined, you can make it a good income”

Use Your Skills

1. Finding New Prospects

Finding new prospects is the life blood of your network marketing success.  Finding new prospects in not easy.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it is.  Be aware that Family and Friends are not your prospects.  Family and Friends are learning grounds to develop your new skills.  You will be building your success from people you don’t know.

If family and friends are not my prospects what about the list of people I know that I was told to do?

Developing a list is a great start but don’t rely on anyone of them to join you.

The proper way to build a successful business is to use ATTRACTION MARKETING.

With Attraction Marketing, you will develop the skills to have people seek you out and wanting to join you business.

2.  Inviting New Prospects

Inviting new prospects is a developed skill.  I know of one company that tell you, “NOT TO TELL The Company,” NOT TO TELL “It’s Sales,” NOT TO TELL it’s “Products.”

The curiosity approach or deception approach is old marketing and does not work.

Again the best way to invite people is ATTRACTION MARKETING.

3.  Follow-up

One of the most important aspect in Network Marketing is to followup.  Stay in touch with your new prospect but be careful not to be sucked in to building their business. A new prospect is excited and nervous at the same time.  Follow-up with the new recruit every day.  Spend 30 minutes or an hour with with them.  Answer questions and help them develop the skill to be come successful.

4.  Closing

Closing a prospect is the most difficult skill to master but the most profitable.  The key to closing a new prospect is to asking them question about what they want,  what excites them and then when you finished your presentation, show them how you can solve their Wants, Desires and What Excites them.

A question asked of me years ago was, “How much money would you like to make in your new business?”  I answer with, “$100,000 dollars.”  Of which my mentor responded, “That’s unrealistic.  What would you like to make THIS YEAR in your new business?”  I responded with, “Well $25 to $30,000 would be nice.”  He responded with, “I can help you with that, here is what we are going to do.”

Not only did he close me on his business opportunity, he set the goal and work necessary to achieve the goal.

5.  Getting New Prospects Started

Again this is a critical skill.  Explain to them that this is an easy/hard business.  Expect a lot of NO’s and a few YES’s.  You don’t need a lot of personally sponsored people to be successful.  Give them success stories.  Work with your new recruit to get them comfortable, but explain that “it’s your business.  I am here to help.”

By doing this, your new recruit will expect some help and advice but ultimately it’s their business.  When it’s time for your new recruit to start sponsoring, they will have the coaching and training you provided for them to build a successful business.

I personally know of a top earner who was at a football game and told his sponsor that he would like all to have sponsored all the people in the stadium.  To which his sponsor told him, “Just sponsor 10 people and show those 10 how to sponsor 10 more, then teach them how to have their prospect to sponsor 10 more and you will fill the stadium with people in your network.”

He did exactly what he was told, and today he has personally sponsored less that 100 people but has over 10,000 in his network.

6.  Promoting Events

Your company will typically have events.  Promote these events to all your recruits, their recruits and your new prospects to attend.  At these events, you will hear success stories, meet the people with the success, learn marketing skills, new products and so much more.

Successful marketer spend a lot of time promoting events to all their downline.  They have found that by doing so, their business doubles or triple in just a few months after the event is over.

Promote Company Event to grow your business.

7.  Use A Marketing System That Is Proven To Work

There are hundreds of marketing systems available today.  Some very good, others are good while there are a few that is only willing to take your money.

Your Network Marketing Company has a system they want you to use.  By all means use the company system.  Market how they want you to do, but remember, some to these marketing strategies are outdated.

To do it right and get the proper training many companies will instruct you on how they want you to build a business.  The problem, is that many companies will have you doing it the wrong way or the old fashion outdated methods.  This can be very frustrating for many Network Marketers.  What was good years ago has given way to Social Networking, Internet Marketing and good old fashion taking to a prospect to find what they want.

As an example, most Network Marketing Companies and your sponsor will tell you is to sit down and make a list of 100 people.  People you have ever known, family, friends, college, work place, stores, postman, etc.  This will make you feel good but what happens when you have gone through all your 100 people?

Also, keep in mind most if not all of the 100 will say NO…now what?

What you want is something that give you the skills to ignore the “List of 100” old marketing with the skills use today by all the top network marketers.

What you want is to have people calling you with credit card in hand to join your business.

What you want is the ability to say NO to anyone who does not meet your requirements.  This is powerful.

Imagine, you saying No to someone instead of them saying No to you.  How would you feel if you have more prospects than you can contact?  Maybe, you could help your downline with some of these prospects and build their business.

This is real and is being done everyday.

How Does This Happen?


Becoming successful in ANYTHING requires TIME and EXPERIENCE.

Today some of the best training come from outside the company

Google network training and you will find hundreds of sites….however beware, most will want you to join their network marketing company.

Don’t !!!

Not until you do your research.

Go to YouTube.

You can find good training on just about any subject.

Can you become successful in network marketing?  Of course you can.

But be aware of your disappointments.


Here’s to you and to your success,



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