Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

By Bill Fletcher

In the previous articles I showed you why you should have a blog, how to structure your blog, getting a domain name and hosting company.  I showed you content and promotion.  I even gave you a link to a video from my coach and mentor on blogging and how to make money blogging.

If you haven’t see the previous articles go back to:  How to Start A Blog Today And Make Money Tomorrow!

In this final article I want to show you how to make money blogging.  If you are not making money there is probably a good reason.  Or if your not establishing a blog to make money, you really should.

Blogging is fun, easy and can provide a great income for you and your goals.

Monetize your blog

There are a lot of ways to monetize your blog.

If you have a network marketing business, blogging can get you leads.  The same is true if you have an affiliate marketing business.  Have a product or service of your own, blog about it and make money.

You have something to say, blogging is a great way to get it done.  If that something is your business, it will get you readers and money.


One of the most lucrative ways also happens to be the easiest – advertising.

Having a large number of visitors to your blog means that advertisers will pay to have their ads shown on your site. The easiest way to start getting paid from advertisements on your site is to join Google’s AdSense program at

Once you setup your account on AdSense you will be given a code to add to your blog. This code will automatically display advertisements on your blog from companies who are part of Google’s advertising network. You may see ads from small companies related to your topic, or you may see ads from large companies that are completely unrelated to your topic.

The nice thing about Google’s AdSense is that you have thousands of advertisers bidding to advertise on your blog, and all you have to do is add the simple code to your blog. Once you do that the process is completely automatic.

Every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad you get paid. Google collects the money from the advertisers and then cuts you a check (usually every month).

This arrangement is nice not only because it is automatic, but because you are dealing with a reputable company that you know will actually pay you on time.

Google’s AdSense

The amount that you can make from AdSense depends on three factors:

1. The number of visitors to your site

2. The visibility of the ads

When you put the AdSense code on your site you have a choice of the style of advertisements that go on your site (large images, small images, text, etc.) and also where they are placed. The more prominently the ads are displayed the more likely they are to be clicked. This is a delicate balance between placement of the ad an annoying your readers. To achieve balance and annoying and is something you will have to experiment with.

3. Your blog topic

The final factor that affects your AdSense income is the topic you are blogging about. This is because advertisers will pay more to be on certain sites than they will for others.

For example, if your site is about gardening, your readers are likely to have an interest in gardening and/or growing food products.  Because of this, there are a number of advertisers that may want to get their ads in front of your readers and likely to pay you per click to do this.

These three factors will determine the amount of money you make. There is no guarantee to the exact money you will make and estimating exactly what you will make is pretty difficult, but a high traffic blog on the right topic has the potential to bring in several thousand dollars every month. Of course, many people earn less than this, and some earn even more. In fact, it has been estimated that some top AdSense publishers earn several million per year just from AdSense.

Keep in mind that making money from your blog takes time. This will not happen overnight, but most bloggers find that the work itself is rewarding enough to continue on the journey.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money.  First you don’t have to own the product.  You don’t have to stock or ship the product.  Guarantees and development is done by the affiliate company.  All you do is promote the product and get paid on the sale.

One of my coaches and mentor has made millions promoting affiliate products. All he does is write articles and link the article to the affiliate company.

My personal favorite way of making money with blogs is through affiliate programs.

Here is one of the best affiliate programs available along with great coaching.  This program I will direct you to is one of the fastest growing affiliates on the Internet.  In fact they pay 100% on you sales, not 30% or 40% or even 50% but 100% on your sales.  Justin will entertain you with his story and how he is now a six figure earner….CLICK HERE

Network marketing

There are hundreds of people joining a network marketing company every day.  Many of these people are looking for help or many are seeking a good network marketing company.

If you are a member in network marketing, this give you an opportunity to promote your home business through a blog.  Be careful here.  People don’t like to be “pushed” or badgered into something.  Become someone who they like and trust and you will have a great distributor.

Most network marketing distributors are being coached the wrong way to grow their home based business.  Here you are to help them.  And you can get paid by showing them how to do it correctly.  Don’t worry about your knowledge, we have a way to help you so that you can help your blog readers.

Your own product

Have a product or service of your own?  Blog about it.  Tell your readers about you and your product.  Soon you will be making money with your blog by offering you own product.

Other ways of making money

There are hundreds of ways to make money online and with your blog.  What is your interest, you goals and what is the blog for?  Go back to the previous article:  How to Start A Blog Today And Make Money Tomorrow!and answer the three questions.  This will give you some addition directions. 


This concludes the series of articles on how to start a blog and make money blogging. I hope that you not only read these article, but also took action. Blogging is a long, on-going journey and is always evolving, but by taking the first step you can be a successful blogger and fun doing so.

Of course, there is still much more to learn about blogging once you have followed these articles. You can continue to read more tips and tricks on my blog or by joining with me in a powerful blogging coaching and training program.

I hope you got some ideas and tips with these articles.  Blogging is a passion of mine and can be a great source of income.

Please join me and become a member in a very powerful program that is earning a great income for many beginning bloggers and network marketing or affiliate marketing professions.

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